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The basics
THE USA: Applying to University

Getting to grips with university admissions interviews

Find out about interviews as part of the admissions process and how these are conducted, courtesy of an admissions officer.

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When applying to a university you may, as an international student, be required to attend an interview as part of your application process. This is nothing to worry about in spite of it seeming rather daunting. We tracked down an admissions officer from an American University to gives us his take on the process and some useful tips. 



When and where to interviews usually take place?

There are a number of ways in which admissions interviews may be conducted and this can differ depending on the university. In some cases, you may have the chance to be interviewed at a university fair, roadshow or exhibition in your country. Generally a university representative will conduct the interview and then pass on the notes and results to the admissions office of the respective institution. You may also be interviewed online. 


University admissions interviews


Do I have to be interviewed in person?

Not necessarily. In fact, many admissions interviews are conducted online or telephonically. Luckily technology makes things a little bit easier and you have many different options available. 


University admission interviews technology



Will the university always conduct the interview?

In most cases you will be interviewed by a university representative, such as an admissions officer. However, some institutions do make use of third-party representatives or companies to conduct interviews. They are accredited and will pass on the information from interviews to the relevant university. 


Student admission interviews methods


What can I expect during the interview process? 

Try and make sure that you have prepared well for the interview. This means knowing the course of study you wish to pursue and why, having the correct reference documents on hand and being able to answer questions about the university. You may find that you do need to do quite a bit of talking. Try to be clear and concise and ask as many relevant questions as possible. 


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Anything else I should know?

Sometimes the process takes a bit longer and is more detailed than you may expect. Don’t be discouraged however, as long as you have a good understanding of your own motivation for choosing the university you want to study at, as well as knowledge about the institution everything should be pretty smooth. Remember the interview process is a way to show an institution who you are and what makes you stand out. Think of it as an enhancement of your written application


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