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THE USA: Applying to University

Student insights: Why study a graduate course in America?

Learn about postgraduate study in America with insights from Taro, a Japanese student who studied in the U.S.

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Making the choice to study at a graduate school can have a number of benefits. From meeting new people to fine tuning your academic skills, undertaking a postgraduate qualification is on the list of goals for many students. 


We tracked down Taro, a student from Japan, who chose to study in America to give us his take on the graduate study experience. Some of his insights and tips may go a long way to allaying any concerns you could have and inspire you to make your application. 

Why graduate study

One of the biggest benefits of going to graduate school is that it allows you to focus a lot more closely on your chosen field of study. This was the primary academic reason I decided to study in the U.S. 


Graduate programmes

Programmes can allow for some flexibility allowing you to explore complementary subjects that enhance your particular field. I pursued international affairs along with finance, economics, business and accounting.


Workplace ready 

You can develop a high level of expertise in your subject area which gives you an advantage when entering the highly competitive job market. A graduate degree can really help you stand out. 


English Skills

Graduate courses will also allow you to perfect your language skills and immerse yourself in the culture of your study destination. My English improved so much in the two years I spent in New Orleans. When I had finished my master’s degree, my English was noticeably better. This was crucial for me both academically, professionally and socially. 


Overall Experience

Graduate courses also allow you to develop personally. I met new people, lived in student accommodation and really improved my overall communication while studying in the U.S.





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