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Studying in America at University of Albany, SUNY w/ Farnaz [VIDEO]

We sat down to talk to Iranian student Farnaz about her experience studying at the University at Albany (State University of New York) in America. A former Intensive English Language Program student, Farnaz is now studying a Masters in Mental Health

Farnaz at the University of Albany (SUNY)


Studying an Intensive English Language Program

‘What did you learn on the Intensive English Language Program?’



‘Who studies the Intensive English Language Program?’



‘Do Intensive English Language Program students socialise together?’



Studying a Masters 

‘What was your experience of the GRE?’



‘What’s an average day like as a Masters student in America?’



Studying a Masters in Mental Health Psychology in America



‘What are the benefits of studying a Masters in America?’



Farnaz’s plans after studying in America



Studying in America etc.

‘What American phrases did you have problems with?’



‘What’s Albany, New York like study in?’



‘What tips do you have for international students to improve their English?’



‘How can television cartoons help international students improve their English?’



Differences in how students learn in America



‘What is there to do for fun in Albany, New York?’



‘Have you faced any challenges while studying in America?’



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Farnaz at the University of Albany (SUNY)

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