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THE USA: Career Prospects

Most in-demand jobs in 2016

jobs in the usa

CareerBuilder partnered with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. to analyse a range of 700 occupations, and they found that over 100 occupations in the US have more job posting activity than hiring month to month. So if you’re thinking of studying and working in the US, here are some of the in-demand jobs…


Health care

Registered nurses are in high demand. Out of 300,000 unique job postings this year, only 97,000 positions were filled and this number is likely to rise as more than half of current registered nurses are over the age of 50, and 62 per cent are considering retiring in the next three years.



Software developers are also in high demand as they tend to move around very frequently. CareerBuilder found out that 42 per cent of those in the IT sector are likely to leave their jobs within one to two years for better salaries. Money is motivating 59 per cent of the over 1,600 technology professionals surveyed who said they would even move to a different city for a higher paying job.


Truck drivers

Truck drivers are the most common occupation in the US. Job postings for tractor trailer truck drivers exceed 1 million yet only 106,000 workers were hired monthly.


Job tips

  • Many job seekers feel uncertain about the prospects, leaving many of these positions unfilled. So, never underestimate yourselves when applying for these in-demand positions


  • You may not have certain skills such as computer science but consider your transferable skills in math, physics, statistics or even psychology as many companies are willing to train good employees.


  • Emphasise your soft skills as they are just as important as hard skills. The vast majority of employers consider soft skills when evaluating prospective hires and some even consider them more important than hard skills. To bolster the emotional intelligence of resume, you should provide specific examples from past work experience where you have demonstrated these skills. 


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