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THE USA: Destination Guides

Travel advice for students in the US

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We get it.  It’s not called “gallivanting around the country”.  Even though your main focus is to study, you should take advantage of your time abroad to explore the sights of America during your holidays.  You may never get the chance to do it again!  Successfully balancing business and pleasure will not only time manage your studies but it will also broaden your horizons more than books could. 

One of the best parts about studying abroad in the United States is the opportunity to explore its unique regions.  The culture, climate, accent, and food can vary from state to state.  While it is hard to see absolutely everything, travelling in the US is relatively easy.  You just have to be prepared.

First, get all of your necessary paperwork together and make copies of them.  Keep them with you at all times and make sure they are up to date.  You will need them to check onto your flight, get into bars, etc. 

Maintaining a budget can be attainable when travelling in the US.  Planning early can save you money on flights especially.  The closer you buy to your departure date, the more expensive the flight can be, and they can get expensive.  Microsoft’s search engine, bing.com/travel, can help you estimate a flight’s cost by letting you know the percentage of the price going up or down.  When you see a great price, jump on it.  Another item on your to-do list is to figure out how to pay for things.

Check with your bank to see if they align themselves with American banks to save on ATM fees.  Even though you have let your credit card company know you will be studying abroad in the States, inform them that you will be travelling within its borders.  Wouldn’t want your credit card declined when you need it most.

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Collaborating with friends on where you want to go is not only cost effective but more fun!  You can split meals out and hotel rooms (better yet, if you know someone in a city, you could crash at their place).  If you and your friends are swamped with school work, companies like StudentUniverse specialize in finding students deals on travel and can plan out your itinerary for you. 

Coordinate packing together so you don’t end up with three hair dryers.  Your bunch can also set up a blog as a time capsule for your memories.  Upload photos and make diary entries to let your parents know you’re safe and to have proof you actually skydived over the desert. 

With this guide, your trip around the country can be thought-out and guaranteed to be fun.  As long as you go into your vacation with a smart yet open mind, you and your friends can be as American as our pioneers were, ready to explore parts unknown!


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APP for that! If you want to do the iconic American road trip, money for gas could add up.  A smartphone app like GasBuddy finds the cheapest gas prices near you. 

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