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'Where should I study, in America?' [VIDEO]

Where should you study in America? International student Taro guides us to American student life in the three very different student cities of Boston, New Orleans and Washington. Find out what factors you should keep in mind.

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How do you pick where to study in a country as large and diverse as America?

Making this decision while living in a whole other country can be quite difficult. Where do you start? What should you look out for? How can you learn about different areas of the country so you know what to expect? Do you really know what a city is like, based on what you've seen on TV or read in books/online?

In the video below, Taro, a former international student in the US, talks about the three, very different American cities he has studied in, including their positives and negatives. Hopefully it will get you thinking about what you need to think about. You may even like the sound of one of the cities Taro mentions!

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