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Where to see the “real” New York (by a New Yorker) [VIDEO]

Where do you go in New York to see the "real" New York which the locals know? An actual New York local shares some inside tips for things to do at the end of our Google Hangout session.

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If you google ‘things to do in New York’ or buy a tourist guide, you’ll be inundated with the same things to go and see: Empire State Building, Times Square, Madison Square Garden etc.....These are all incredible, world-famous sites with a lot of history; but where do you go if you want to see the New York which only those who live there, know about?

Aidan from Sara’s Homestay, a New York resident himself, tells us about the secret haunts and sights which you might miss if you only trust the tourist guides and websites which everyone looks at. After all, you want to see something special, don't you? Watch the video below where Aidan shares his local knowledge. If it helps you, LIKE it; or if you know someone who you find it useful, share it with them.


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