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4 Tips to finish off the academic year strong

University student studying during spring term

Summer is on its way, and that means you will soon have an opportunity to relax and take a break from all the stress brought on by classes and homework. However, summer will be even better if you leave school knowing you have tried your hardest until the very last final is over. As the weather warms up, it can be tempting to forsake all your studying in order to enjoy the outdoors and be with friends. It is important to find a balance and have a mix of both hard work and social activities. Here are a few tips for finding this balance as we head into spring and eventually summer. 


Make time to study

As the end of this year comes to a close, it is easy to run out of steam. You may be doing well in your classes, and you figure it is okay to slide by when it comes to studying and completing assignments. Try not to get into this mentality, though, when finals are coming up and your last few assignments are due. Instead, set out specific times to study so that you can ensure you keep your grades up. If you really focus during these times, you can still have plenty of socializing and relaxation this spring.


Don’t miss out on fun spring events

That being said, leave time for spring events in your schedule. College campuses are often very active in spring, offering concerts, philanthropy events, and festivals. These are great stress-relievers – and you are only in college once – so make time to go to a few. If you manage your time well and don’t leave assignments to the last minute, you’ll be able to have a good balance of work and social, and these next few months will be stress-free for you.


Reach out to professors

Even if you have not done so this year, it is never too late to establish a relationship with your professors. Attending office hours can be great for getting exam help tailored to your questions and concerns. You may even find that an opportunity for extra credit arises. Moreover, if you make connections now with professors you find influential, this will be helpful in the years to come when you need career advice, job references, or even grad school recommendations.


Stay healthy

You will not be able to enjoy the end of the year and get everything done on time if you find yourself feeling sick. To have the energy to study and enjoy yourself, make sure you have enough rest. Limit the number of nights each week you stay up late, especially on weekdays and right before exams. Staying up late usually means you will sleep in the next morning, which is an easy way to get behind. Also make sure you are eating healthily. While you might crave sugar and treats to make studying feel easier, these will just make you sleepy. Eat balanced meals, and cut out unnecessary junk food that can slow you down and make you feel tired.


Lindsay T. is a recent college graduate and writes for Skyo, an online site that helps college students save money with cheap textbooks and flexible rental options. Visit Skyo’s site for more on how to buy textbooks online. 


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