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America’s Independence Day - 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Ashley Murrell, a truly American girl living in London shares how she enjoyed the celebrations of Independence day back home. Find out what you can expect from Independence Day in America.

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'Happy 4th of July everyone! In between Christmas and New Years is one of the best holidays that make America what it’s all about – it’s national Independence Day.

Americans love the 4th of July, and not just because it’s a paid holiday, but a chance to celebrate being independent. There are fireworks, food and fun in the sun. It’s a time to gather with family and friends and celebrate. Everyone wears red, white and blue, wave flags and sings God Bless America and The Stars and Stripes Forever. The American national anthem (The Star Spangled Banner) is usually sung just before the fireworks show as well. Parades take place as well as other gatherings of celebration.

It’s a unique holiday for an international student to experience. Originally celebrated due to America’s independence from Great Britain, Americans of today love to celebrate the day with everyone. This is the day to be full of pride for their country. As it takes place in the summer, usually most states will have warm, sunny weather. BBQ’s and picnic’s are a standard, the smelling of grilled burgers, hotdogs and corn on the cob waft through the air throughout the country. Potato chips (crisps), sliced watermelon, dip and platters of vegetables are the staple foods for the day. Popsicles, especially Firecrackers are the dessert on display.



People gather anywhere from the early morning to late afternoon. For the evening fireworks display, crowds gather as soon as the sun rises in order to snag a great spot to see everything. The Fourth of July is all about the fireworks. Budgets are set and it takes months of preparation for a ten to twenty minute fireworks show, but they are worth the wait! There’s music whilst shapes are drawn in the sky by the different displays of beautifully lit up explosives. It’s magical. Depending on the state it may or not be legal to purchase one’s own fireworks to set off in their backyard or local street. Usually local fireworks are banned due to setting fires and being harmful to those who set them alight.

Like other country and independence days around the world, it’s a wonderful time to be present during such an event. The pride that Americans feel for their country is astounding. To celebrate how America has changed and grown from its independence in 1776 will provide plenty of entertaining culture shock for any international student. Sit back, relax, have a hotdog with all the trimmings and enjoy the 4th of July! God Bless America!'


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