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‘How can international students integrate into American life?’ [VIDEO]

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One of the main concerns for international students is how they will fit in with others in a new country. It’s a perfectly understandable concern as it can be quite daunting to enter a whole new culture, which you have little knowledge of, without your friends.


However, international students gain so much by immersing themselves in a new culture. Not only can you grow as an individual, but you may even find a new, permanent home and job prospects for the future. Plus, you don’t want to waste this opportunity and stay in your room the whole time you’re abroad.


But how can you best integrate into American life? What's the best first step (or two) to make to make the transition easier? Aidan from Sara’s Homestay gives some tips from his experience dealing with international students over the years. Watch the video below and see what Aidan suggests. If it helps you, tell us by giving it a LIKE or share it with a friend.





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