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The basics
THE USA: Once you arrive

Studying in America with Abdul & Muhammad: Live from Rowan University [VIDEO]

We sat down with Abdul and Muhammad, two international students studying at Rowan University in America, to talk to us via Google Hangout directly from their campus. We asked them about EVERYTHING relating to studying abroad in America, including

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Below are all the clips from our Google Hangout with Rowan University international students, Abdul (an Information Systems student from Saudi Arabia) and Muhammad (an MBA/Finance student from Bangladesh). The pair answer some of the most popular questions about studying abroad in America.


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Applying to Rowan

'How did you apply to study in the US (at Rowan)?'

Abdul and Muhammad explain the different paths they took to study at Rowan University in America, including switching from one visa to another and the process for applying for an F1 student visa.



'How did you organise accommodation at Rowan?'

Muhammad explains how he organised student housing prior to arriving in America, including what additional items and furnishings he needed to buy.




Student Life

'What is an average day as an international student at Rowan like?'

Muhammad and Abdul go through what an average day is like for them at Rowan University. Find out their schedule is like, and how they balance their studies, extracurricular activities, chores and social life.

Also learn about Abdul's "2-in-1" meal!



'What finance or money-saving tips do you have for students in America?'

Muhammad and Abdul share some tips on how to save money while studying in America, including the brilliance of coupons and different retail sales events, including 'Black Friday'. WATCH and learn how you can avoid spending too much money unnecessarily.



'What on-campus jobs are there for international students on Rowan's campus?'

Muhammad and Abdul talk about the part-time jobs they have currently, how they found these jobs and how these jobs are benefiting them.



'What is the food like in America?'

Abdul and Muhammad tell us what American food they enjoy. Muhammad tells us one thing he doesn't like about American food, while Abdul shares what he does to get the food he likes.




Studying at Rowan

'What academic support is there for students at Rowan?'

Abdul and Muhammad give examples of how professors and fellow students help international students thrive on their course, especially if they are struggling. How do professors help you keep your GPA up? Where can you go on campus if you are having trouble on something related to your work? WATCH the video below and find out now.



'Why should students study your course in America?'

Whether it's the superior facilities, career paths or opportunities to improve your English skills, America is a supreme study destination for international students. Muhammad and Abdul share a few personal reasons why they are happy that they chose to study in the States.



'How are your courses taught?'

Learn how course material is taught at an American university. How does a class begin? What is the general format from there? How do professors assess students regularly? WATCH and find out now.



'What kinds of projects do you work on in class?'

Muhammad explains some of the projects he has been working on in class and what they involve.



'How much time per week is allocated to your course?'

Muhammad and Abdul break down how many hours per week are allocated for classes, seeing professors in their office hours and their part-time jobs.



Looking Back

'What has been challenging about studying abroad in America? How did you overcome this?'

When was the most challenging part of Abdul's time in America? How did Muhammad solve his initial anxieties? WATCH the video below and find out now...



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