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3 scholarships in the USA for Malaysians

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Many Malaysians flock to the USA every year for some of the world’s best education. For those who think that fees are too high, there are loads of scholarship and funding options out there that will enable you to pursue your studies in the US. In fact, it’s very common for students to have multiple sources of funding to support themselves while they study. Here are three top funding options to help kick-start your plans to study abroad.

Funding Bodies

US Government

International students do not qualify for federal aid but may still be eligible for some scholarship programmes offered by the US government or US government-sponsored organisations. For instance, the Fulbright programme is a US government-sponsored organisation that helps non-US students to finance their studies in US institutions. Fulbright runs a number of scholarship programmes across different study areas and levels, and works in partnership with other countries to create specific funding options for students of particular nationalities.

Host University

American universities offer funding for international students and they should always be your first stop when searching for funding. Their scholarship programmes have been created with their own study programmes in mind and will be better tailored to your specific needs. Details of scholarships can be retrieved from the university website.

Scholarships are normally awarded based on academic merit or financial needs, but in some cases, may be tied to specific study areas or work in partnership with external institutions. Contact the international office to ask for advice as they’re used to dealing with students like yourselves.

External Funding

Plenty of companies offer funding schemes to students of a particular discipline, while many organisations offer programmes for students engaged within an area that is aligned with their ethos and relates to their area of work.

Microsoft Scholarship Programme

Microsoft Corporation offers four scholarship programmes available to international students currently completing their studies at a US institution. They are the General Scholarships, Women’s Scholarships, Minority Scholarships and Scholarships for Students with Disabilities. You will need to check specific application criteria for each programme on the Microsoft Scholarship website.

For all scholarships, students must be completing an Undergraduate programme in Computer or Information Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Physics. You will be given full or partial costs of your tuition fees and will have to complete a paid summer internship.  

Now that financing your studies in the US doesn’t seem like such a burden anymore, why not browse for courses in the US now?

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