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THE USA: Student Life

Studying in America at the University of Hartford w/ Hugo [VIDEO]

Venezuelan student Hugo sat down as part of a Google Hangout to talk to us about studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hartford in America...

Hugo, international student at the University of Hartford


Venezuelan student Hugo studies Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hartford. He recently took part in a Google Hangout with us, covering some important topics & questions including what he enjoys most about studying Engineering (including why he changed); his first impressions of America; how he socialises with other students through playing soccer and much more. 


Watch the following clips from our Hangout with Hugo below:



‘Are you ever homesick while studying abroad?’




‘How did you make friends on your first day?’




‘How do you stay in touch with friends and family back home?’




‘How has your English improved since studying in America?’




‘How simple was it to apply for an American student visa?’




‘How will studying in America help you in your future plans?’




American slang and phrases




Part-time jobs on campus




Student accommodation at Hartford




‘What did you do to improve your English?’




‘What do you love most about studying in America?’




‘What extracurricular activities do you take part in?’




Food and cuisine at Hartford




‘What stood out most when you first arrived in America?’




‘What’s an average day like for you at Hartford?’




‘What’s Hartford like for someone who has never been there?’




‘What’s it like to study Mechanical Engineering in America?’



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