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The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects have been the center of demand and focus over the past few years especially with the increasing influence of technology in all fields of work. The scope for study of Computer and Mathematical Sciences has thus been on rise.

Career Options

There is no field nowadays, that is not influenced by Information Technology and computing. Fields of work including medicine, engineering, architecture and many more function with tools provided by IT. This means that the experts in computing are not only valuable to the software houses and IT companies like IBM, andMicrosoft but all the organizations require IT experts to streamline their operations.

Similarly, mathematical sciences have demand in the fields of finance, banking, accounting, insurance, pensions, investment, market research, financial management and many others. Being an expert in the fields gives you technical knowledge and skills that the firms highly value.

This field has such practical significance that the USA Government is making immigration laws such to facilitate graduates of the field in finding post-study work in the country after graduation.

Study Options

Computer and Mathematical Sciences have a range of different courses available to study at all levels from Undergraduate to Doctorate Level. You can choose from degrees like Software Engineering, Information Technology, Digital Media, Computational and Analytical Mathematics etc. All these courses take high influence from technology and computing. Numerical reasoning is an essential skill for anyone who wishes to pursue education or career in the field.

Many firms offer internships related to computing and mathematical sciences, which can be useful for your professional grooming. Gaining work experience before and during study time would help you attain and learn to apply skills and knowledge, thus increasing your chances of post-study employability.


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