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Teaching: Could you survive a classroom?

Would you make a good teacher? Or would you succeed in another role as a trainer or educator to one person or a group? Take our fun quiz (and share with your friends) to see whether you could survive in such an environment and role.

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Many don't realise that they would make excellent teachers until it's pointed out to them by those who know them well.

Teachers at all levels are valuable because they not only inspire future students, but every parent wants their child to have the very best education - not many parents would be happy to see their child's teacher replaced with a machine (as is the case with more and more professions and sectors in the 21st century). Plus, as a teacher, you are in demand anywhere in the world, which means career-security and versatility.

So, would YOU make a good teacher? Take our quiz below involving popular classroom scenarios and see whether you would make the correct choices....


1. Two students are talking amongst themselves when they should be listening to you. Do you...

A) Reprimand them once, sitting them separately or speaking to them after class, if they continue to talk?

B) Let them finish and hope that they finish their conversation soon?

C) Take away their weekend as a punishment?



2. One student is falling behind the rest of the class when it comes to understanding the course material. Do you...

A) Invite them to a private lunchtime or after-school session to talk through the material and go over what they don't understand more closely?

B) Focus all class time on them alone, ignoring all the other students?

C) Proceed as normal, hoping that they "get it" eventually?



3. You're teaching a module or area of the course which is notorious for being quite dense and unpopular amongst students. However, it is essential. Do you...

A) Cover the key points you're required to by the curriculum, but try and to bring the subject to life, applying it to real-life examples which students can relate to?

B) Simply recite from the given course materials and get it over with?

C) Hope it all goes away magically?



4. When it comes to speaking in front of a group, are you...

A) A natural who can inspire and keep a group's attention for a substantial period of time?

B) A nervous wreck who shies away whenever the spotlight is on you?

C) Monotonous and dull, often falling asleep at the sound of your own voice?



5. When it comes to doing the same or similar tasks over and over again, do you...

A) Relish coming up with new ways to approach these so they feel new again?

B) Do the same each time because it's simpler to be complacent do the minimum if it works?

C) Give up, because you detest doing the same activities again?



6. When you're placed above others in a given hierarchy, do you...

A) Maintain a level of control and authority, while still having their respect?

B) Try desperately to be their friend and peer?

C) Go beyond what is acceptable for your role and exploit your position?


7. When things don't go your way, you are...

A) Patient and calm?

B) Quickly infuriated?

C) Prone to panic attacks and meltdowns?



If you answered mainly A), you may indeed have some of the traits to become an inspiring and respected teacher. If you didn’t, don’t worry; you can still attain your dream to work in Education and Teaching. Look at where you are not as strong, and work on these qualities.

Plus, these skills can be carried over to other roles where you instruct or educate others, such as a promotions, sales or training field.

Good luck!


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