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Political Science degrees in the US

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With the 2012 Presidential election only a month away, all talk has turned to politics. For political science majors this is a very exciting time. However, just what do political science majors study? What kinds of jobs are available to someone studying such a degree qualification? Our student editor Ashley covers what this degree course is all about and what kind of future is available for students studying this discipline.

Personal major

A political science major is essentially a degree course that has the discipline focus of politics. Undergraduate, graduate and PhD degrees can be earned in the subject, but today we're focusing on the undergraduate aspects. Depending on the programme there can options for a main focus on American or international politics. Generally, the major has the focus on issues such as comparative politics, theory, international relations and methodology. As the result of political directly affects people, this can make the major a deeply personal one.

Strength in information

Political science degrees offer a multitude of different directions for students after graduation. Depending on the particular focus that a student wishes to progress forward with, career options can range from the media, teaching or business to direct political field. It’s a versatile degree due to the comprehensive and critical thinking that are required throughout the course. For those interested in pursuing a career directly in politics, an undergraduate degree is a great starting point although a graduate or PhD might be required for further progression.

Course makeup

Courses are comprised of lectures, group projects, exams and written papers. The coursework seeks to expand students thought process on public, international and future issues. For those university’s that are local to governing hubs, internship opportunities may be more prevalent as well as outside of lecture engagement (and not to mention good experience). Political science majors usually aren’t highly competitive, but this depends on the university. Entry requirements expect future student prospects to have at least over a 1000 on the SAT, or over 21 in the ACT. Post secondary grades need to be strong in math and science with a minimum GPA or equivalent.

Many options

For international students the best thing about earning a political science degree in the USA is the hands on experience, specifically for local as well as nationwide USA politics. The lessons that can be learned from such differences can provide international students with a once in a lifetime experience as politics is a constantly moving field. The degree offers a broader sense in this realm of thinking that can open doors for global opportunities.

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