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Complete your online Double Business Diploma in your own country and pathway to the 2nd year of your Degree studying in an Australian University!

  • You can start your online Double Business Diploma straightaway
  • Easy to understand, engaging content
  • Your Business Diploma is a Nationally recognised qualification
  • Pathway into the second year of a Business Degree in Australia

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About DIB

Didasko Institute of Business (DIB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Didasko Group. The Didasko Group is 100% Australian owned.With over 17 years of experience in vocational and higher education, the Didasko Group is focussed on providing affordable, accessible learning solutions leading to employment outcomes.

3 easy steps to your Degree in Australia

Step 1: Complete your Diploma

Enrol and successfully complete an online Double Business Diploma course studying in your own country. This will be recognised as the equivalent of the 1st year of your 3 year University Degree.

Step 2: Apply to an Australian University

Apply for a guaranteed place to study at an Australian University and enter a 3-year Degree straight into the 2nd year*

Step 3: Travel to Australia

Travel to Australia to study your Degree on a Student Visa**.

* Subject to individual institutions entry requirements.
**Subject to government entry requirements.

Didasko Institute of Business is passionate about making a difference toits students’ lives. It provides affordable, accessible online business diplomas. It has weekly student intakes where students can enrol quickly to start theirnew online Business Double Diploma. Its Career Consultants will provide students with expert advice to help advance their career and achieve their full potential. 

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