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University of Calgary

Canada Canada


THE World Ranking: 201



For students who would love to learn in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the University of Calgary could be ideal. It isn’t far from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and it’s close to the heart of one of the country’s major cities. An extra exciting place to learn for students who love nature and geography, with great future employment prospects in these fields and beyond.


UCalgary is a respected institution that often ranks in the top ten universities in the country, and over 30,000 students from over 150 countries are currently enrolled. Students come from many different countries, and they don’t just come for the scenery and setting. They also come for the great teaching, industry-leading research efforts and modern facilities. The clinical science and health departments, especially, are some of the best.


UCalgary employs some of Canada’s highest-achieving tutors and lecturers and proudly looks after domestic and international students alike. There are scholarship opportunities, funding avenues, career services, active alumni groups and much more. Plus, there are lots of support services that allow everyone to feel connected, safe, and heard across the institution’s five campuses.


The on-campus accommodation is all built and designed to a very high standard, and the off-campus student accommodation opportunities create a city life student experience that’s still within easy reach of classes and learning spaces.


Alongside the hundreds of undergraduate courses and programmes, there are 65 postgraduate programmes. The clinical science and health departments at UCalgary are hard to beat, and the nursing school is very well-respected. It’s even been able to set up an officially accredited nursing degree over in Qatar.


Any person from an international background who wants to change their future and chase their professional dreams should think about applying for admission at UCalgary. Whether studying at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, they can expect only the very best.


Discover more about studying at UCalgary:


Teaching quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching Quality

The teaching quality at the University of Calgary is known across Canada and the rest of the world, especially in scientific and research fields. The tutors and lecturers total 1,800 to approximately 30,000 students. There are five recipients of Killam Research and Teaching Awards on staff, as well as seven Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada and 19 honourees from Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40.


At UCalgary, the attitude to education is all about creating a learning environment that keeps students focused, interested and active. Quality teaching standards are always kept up, and students are academically supported whenever they need some extra help.


As of 2022, UCalgary is ranked 201st in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It’s also ranked the ninth-best university in Canada for 2022–23. It has an international outlook rating of 80.4 per cent, making it a great destination for students from across the world, and an after-graduation employment rating of 94 per cent. Clearly, UCalgary students can find employment easily.


UCalgary has enjoyed a lot of attention for its clinical and healthcare research efforts. Several staff members have won awards in this area. Across all programmes of study, resources and archives cared for by the university make the research process easier and offer helpful pieces of information. For high-quality teaching and high-quality resources, UCalgary’s the place to be.


Entry Requirements

Since it’s one of Canada’s leading universities, gaining entry to UCalgary is a competitive process. Students need to understand that each degree programme has its own specific entry requirements, but there are general university requirements that need to be met too. For international students, these general requirements include a minimum GPA score of 3.7 (the equivalent of 90–92 per cent).


SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission to UCalgary, but students can submit them as additional documents if they want to. International postgraduate applicants must also be able to share two letters of recommendation, a writing sample, test scores (including information about any previous university qualifications) and proof of a certain English language understanding level. The level required will be higher for certain programmes (find more information on English scores in the section below).


Once the general university entry requirements have been covered, including the English test if necessary, UCalgary tells students to get to know the specific entry requirements for their first and second-choice courses before submitting an application.


English Score Required

English is the teaching language at UCalgary, so most international students (there are some exceptions) will need to prove they can speak/read/understand English well enough to do a course at degree level. This is a necessary requirement before admission can be considered.


There are a few different test types and scoring systems accepted by UCalgary, but the IELTS and the TOEFL are two of the most popular options. General admission students will need an overall IELTS band score of 6.5, with no individual band below 6. For education courses, these scores rise to 8 and 7. For nursing programmes, they are 7 and 7.


Undergraduate applicants doing the TOEFL will need a minimum score of 86, with education applicants needing a 108 (scores of at least 27 in each subsection) and nursing applicants needing a 92 (scores of at least 23 in each subsection). There are also separate spoken English requirements for those wishing to study nursing or education. For nursing, students must present a minimum score of 23 on the spoken component of the TOEFL. For education, this score must be a minimum of 27.


Applicants who are concerned that they don’t meet the English language requirements/need help with any other aspect of the admission process as an international student should contact the university’s International Student Service department.



The UCalgary journey to university admission starts when students choose their two preferred programmes, choice one and choice two. All undergraduate students must complete an online application form, share supporting documents like high school transcripts and confirm a total GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale/the relevant equivalent. They must also share a personal essay.


International students will also be charged a CAD 145 application fee. They can start their application by creating their UCalgary eID, and then following the university’s guide on how to complete the online application form. Postgraduates might need to provide other documents like a research proposal or writing sample to be considered for student admission.


Every international student coming to Canada to study will need a study permit. To gain one of those, they will need a valid passport, proof they can cover tuition plus CAD 10,000 over 12 months, and a letter of acceptance from UCalgary.


Tuition fees for international students vary each year. For undergraduates admitted after May 2022, it’s currently around CAD 2,440 per semester, combined with yearly living costs of approximately CAD 11,000. For thesis-based postgraduate courses, international students will pay around CAD 12,695 a year, or CAD 25,293 for non-thesis-based postgraduate courses. Scholarships and bursaries are available for people who need financial aid, especially if a sudden hardship happens.


Scholarships & Funding

UCalgary cares about encouraging students from a range of backgrounds to apply, including people who are less financially fortunate. Lots of funding support options and university scholarships are available to domestic and international students at UCalgary.


The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship, for example, is based on academic merit and is available to any international student who has satisfied the university's English language requirements. It covers CAD 15,000 and can be paid again in a student’s second, third and fourth years for a total of CAD 60,000 (as long as they can achieve a minimum GPA of 2.6 in at least 24 units).


Students applying for sporting and athletic courses can also enjoy eligibility for the University of Calgary Award for International Student Athletes. This covers tuition and fees up to CAD 10,000. To be eligible, students must be undergraduates who are members of an athletic team, but any students entering the International Foundations programme cannot apply.


International students applying for this scholarship must have a minimum admissions average of 80 per cent. The scholarship is also available to transferring students, but they need to have achieved a GPA of 2.0 or more from an equivalent institution to be eligible. Students should research the available university scholarships and their different entry requirements carefully before filling in an application.


If a student is struggling with fees and needs help, financial support and advice services are available to all students. UCalgary wants every person across every campus to have a proper financial plan and enjoy the learning experience without worries about money.



University Structure

The University of Calgary has five campuses. Four of them are in the area surrounding Calgary, but the fifth campus is across the world in Doha, Qatar. UCalgary covers 1.7 million square feet of land when it’s all added up, and sustainability is at the core of all of these campus locations:


  • Main Campus (home to 11 of UCalgary’s 14 faculties, including research and sporting facilities)
  • Foothills Campus (just south of Main Campus, the location of the Cumming School of Medicine and other health innovation centres)
  • Downtown Campus (in the centre of Calgary, a hub for business studies and home to The School of Public Policy)
  • Spy Hill Campus (a campus focused on clinical and applied research, including the Veterinary Sciences Research Centre)
  • Doha Campus (the Qatar campus where the university’s world-class nursing courses are based, with official Canadian accreditation)


Inside the departments of UCalgary, there are over 250 undergraduate programmes and over 60 graduate programmes. There are lots of research resources and facilities, too. As mentioned, there are 14 faculties in total:


  • The Cumming School of Medicine
  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • The Faculty of Kinesiology
  • The Faculty of Law
  • The Faculty of Nursing
  • The Faculty of Nursing (Qatar)
  • The Faculty of Science
  • The Faculty of Social Work
  • The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  • The Haskayne School of Business
  • The School of Agriculture, Planning and Landscape
  • Haskayne School of Business
  • The Schulich School of Engineering
  • The Worklund School of Education



The University of Calgary wants its students to be active and happy, and modern and exciting facilities make this dream come true. Student lives are connected in and out of academic spaces, from the lecture theatres to the student activity centres to the communal lounges in the on-campus accommodation.


Sporting facilities and student recreation centres are everywhere across the five UCalgary campuses. These include fitness gyms, perfect for personal training opportunities, and an outdoor fitness centre, perfect for exploring the Canadian Rockies and Alberta’s famous white-water rivers. If all that activity leads to hunger, there are lots of different food services and options on campus, including exciting edible gardens full of fresh fruits and vegetables.


The bar owned by the student union at UCalgary, The Den & Black Lounge, is a fun student life centre with some quality food and drink options. And the Kluane Lake Research Station provides food to the students and the local community in the Yukon all year.


On an academic level, UCalgary has seven major libraries, including the Health Science Library, the Military Museums Library & Archives and the Business Library. Great workspaces and resources are waiting for students, no matter which course they’re studying. There are also some amazing research facilities, including the Glenbow Western Research Centre and the Prairie Regional Research Data Centre, via which students can learn new statistics and theories.


There are lots of accommodation options for international students, including both on-campus and off-campus around Calgary. Each accommodation option is designed to create community and promote safety, with lots of accessibility support available for students who are disabled or disadvantaged. 



The University of Calgary offers lots of affordable student accommodation on campus for international students in great locations. But, as space is always limited in on-campus accommodation and it is usually assigned in a first-come-first-served way, UCalgary tells interested students to apply for spaces as soon as they can.


There are a few different options available for undergraduates in different years of study and postgraduates, and the right accommodation choice will largely come down to preference and priorities. Is easy access to amenities most important? Or is it room size or dining options? All of the on-campus residences encourage communal life with shared dining halls and meal plan options, so friends will never be far away.


Students looking for an off-campus student house and a bit more freedom might feel stuck on where to start, but there are lots of good options. The Main Campus is in the northwest quarter of Calgary, so neighbourhoods close by would be ideal, especially student-friendly neighbourhoods like Brentwood, Capitol Hill, Charleswood, Sunnyside/Kensington and Varsity.


If students want to find out more information or have any worries about university accommodation at UCalgary, they should contact Resident Services for help and advice.


Student Support

UCalgary has always been committed to making sure that students live their best lives while studying at the institution. They have a lot of different student support services that help everyone improve their physical and mental wellbeing while making good academic progress.


The student support programme at UCalgary covers everything from mental health advice to religious concerns. Students can attend peer listening sessions and get advice from a student guide who knows their experience well. There are also student services like the Women’s Resources Centre, the Post-Alcohol Support Space and the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.


Alongside these groups, help is waiting for international students when it’s needed. There is the International Student Services Support Programming and Immigration Advising group and the International Student Learning Support department for academic concerns.


Further student support is available on the academic side of things for domestic and international students, including study skills sessions and tutoring sessions. And lecturers will always be happy to answer questions or sort out any confusion.


The University of Calgary believes that students perform best and get the most out of their learning when they feel supported and encouraged. It’s an institution that’s proud of its student satisfaction rates and looking to keep these up. It’s an institution where students really are heard.


Graduate Outcomes

UCalgary has a great record for graduate employability. Its 94 per cent after-graduation employment rate is due to the excellent quality of education and the careers services on offer to students during their studies (and into the alumni phase).


UCalgary is currently ranked seventh out of the 18 Canadian universities in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022. From 2020–21, the institution’s graduate employment rate score increased by 43 per cent, meaning that job prospects for UCalgary students are actively improving as new career and employment services are introduced.


UCalgary wants to make career development as fun as possible, offering students lots of great events, lectures, workshops and work-based games designed to encourage interaction and keep everyone interested. One-on-one careers advice from a dedicated career guide is also an option, covering things like interview technique and resume structure.


The careers portion of the website has lots of resources that students can look at/complete in their own time, and it’s regularly updated with new events and job postings. Plus, there are plenty of chances for current students to connect with past students in real life at events and fairs, networking and creating new opportunities for themselves. There are even specific career resources and services for international students.


UCalgary graduates aren’t short of career options, and this is an ideal university for a student to head to if they are more than ready to kickstart their professional life in Canada. They’ll get the help of talented, interested lecturers and great research facilities.


Subjects you can study at University of Calgary

  • Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  • Applied and Pure Sciences Applied and Pure Sciences
  • Architecture and Construction Architecture and Construction
  • Business and Management Business and Management
  • Computer Science and IT Computer Science and IT
  • Creative Arts and Design Creative Arts and Design
  • Education and Training Education and Training
  • Engineering Engineering
  • Health and Medicine Health and Medicine
  • Humanities Humanities
  • Law Law
  • Personal Care and Fitness Personal Care and Fitness
  • Social Studies and Media Social Studies and Media

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.

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