What will I learn?

The BA in Linguistics is designed to give you a general background in all aspects of linguistic description and theory. You can use this degree to prepare for all the different career paths that linguists can follow.

Students who wish to focus their BA in Linguistics Major or Honours program on one or more specific areas can choose to declare one or more of the following concentrations: Language and Society, Language and Speech, and/or Indigenous Languages.

This degree program is offered by the Department of Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities. In addition to the requirements below, students must consult their Faculty program requirements.

Program requirements:

Students who wish to pursue an Honours BA degree in Linguistics begin the program in the third year with the permission of the department. Normally, a GPA of 6.0 in all LING courses completed up to the time of application to the Honours Program is required for admission. In addition to the requirements below Honours students must:

Achieve a GPA of at least 6.0 (B+) in all 300- and 400-level LING courses;

Submit a proposal for Honours thesis research in the September-December term of the final year.

Year 1:

Complete all of the following

Complete 1 of:

LING100A - Foundations in Linguistics I (1.5)

LING181 - Introductory Linguistics for Language Revitalization (1.5)

Complete all of:

LING100B - Foundations in Linguistics II (1.5)

Complete 12 units of electives

Year 2:

Complete all of the following

Complete all of:

LING200 - Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (1.5)

LING203 - Introduction to Morphology and Syntax (1.5)

Complete 1 of:

LING204 - Developing Research Skills in Linguistics (1.5)

LING231 - Constructed Languages (1.5)

LING270 - The Evolution of Language (1.5)

LING272 - Introduction to Indigenous Languages of British Columbia (1.5)

LING290 - Encoding Language in Writing (1.5)

LING295 - The Social Side of English Grammar (1.5)

LING297 - Introduction to Selected Topics in Linguistics (1.5)

Complete 10.5 units of electives

Years 3 and 4:

Complete all of the following

Complete all of:

LING309 - Morphology (1.5)

LING311 - Syntax (1.5)

LING312 - Phonology (1.5)

LING411 - Advanced Syntactic Analysis (1.5)

LING412 - Advanced Phonological Analysis (1.5)

Research-focused course

Complete 1 of:

LING431 - Community-based Initiatives in Language Revitalization (1.5)

LING461 - Linguistic Field Methods (1.5)

LING486 - Experimental Phonetics (1.5)

LING495 - Language Variation and Change (1.5)

Indigenous Language Structure course

Complete 1 of:

LING301 - Topics in the Structure of an Indigenous Language Family (1.5)

LING372 - Indigenous Languages of British Columbia (1.5)

LING450 - Seminar in Languages (1.5)

LING461 - Linguistic Field Methods (1.5)

Complete at least 7.5 units from LING 300 - 499, excluding:

LING356 - Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning III (1.5)

LING358 - Indigenous Language Mentorship III (1.5)

LING359 - Indigenous Language III (1.5)

LING456 - Self-Directed Immersive Language Learning IV (1.5)

LING458 - Indigenous Language Mentorship IV (1.5)

LING459 - Indigenous Language IV (1.5)

Complete 9 units of electives

Earn a minimum grade of B+ in each of the following:

LING499 - Honours Thesis (3.0)

Which department am I in?

Faculty of Humanities

Study options

Full Time (4 years)

Tuition fees
CAD$25,860.00 (US$ 20,902) per year
Application deadline

31 March 2022

Start date

10 January 2022, 4 May 2022


Faculty of Humanities

Clearihue Building C305,


British Columbia (BC),

V8P 5C2, Canada

Entry requirements

For international students

International students must complete 12 years or more of academic preparation and graduate from a recognized senior secondary school program. University entrance examinations required in the home country may also be requested.

English Language Requirements:

  • CAEL: Canadian Academic English Language Assessment score- 70, with no section less than 60
  • IELTS (Academic): International English Language Testing System score - 6.5, with no component less than 6.0
  • LPI: Language Proficiency Index score – Level 6
  • MELAB: Michigan English Language Assessment Battery score – 90
  • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language score - 90 on the iBT (Internet-based test) with no section less than 20, or 575 on the PBT (paper-based test)

Application deadline: September entry: January 31; January entry: September 30; May entry: March 31

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.

Pathways options

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