What will I learn?

The economy is constantly changing. The latest economic crises have taught us that a long-term perspective can help us to better understand changes in the economy. For this reason, the field of economic history has been experiencing a boom over the past several years. More and more experts are needed to analyse complex economic relationships and develop integrative approaches to achieving solutions on the basis of historical experience. The master’s programme History & Economics offers you an interdisciplinary education in history and economics that is currently one-of-a-kind in Germany. This unique combination leads to a career-qualifying degree that enables graduates to start a career in the private sector or continue their postgraduate education.

Profile of the Master’s Programme

This English-taught master’s programme gives you a fresh look at topics like the Great Depression, long-term economic growth, sovereign debt crises, or the effects of global economic interrelations on corporate structure – all from the perspective of research in economic history. Students further their qualification profiles in a variety of different ways. Based on current and historical events, you will analyse and develop approaches to achieving integrative solutions. You will improve your ability to work with data and conduct statistical analysis, but also to critically examine the data in light of the historical context.

Fields of Employment

Economists with interdisciplinary training are in great demand in the financial sector and in internationally oriented companies, organizations, foundations, and administrative bodies. A range of different career fields require a combination of historical and economic expertise.

Which department am I in?

Faculty of Languages and Literature

Study options

Full Time (4 semesters)

Tuition fees
There is no tuition fee at the University of Bayreuth. A student has to pay a semester fee (Semester contribution € 109.60)
Start date

Expected October 2020


University of Bayreuth

International Office,

Universitaetsstrasse 30,



95447, Germany

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Applicants must have a successful completion of the bachelor’s program at the University of Bayreuth or an equivalent degree. English Language Requirements: TOEFL (IBS 110) and IELTS (band width 7.0).

For international students

Admission requirements for the master’s programme include a bachelor’s degree in economics or history, or an equivalent degree awarded by a university in Germany or abroad. Depending on the graduation grade applicants might also undergo an assessment process.

English Language Requirements:

TOEFL (IBS) - 110 and IELTS band width 7.0