What will I learn?

A major in psychology at Webster Geneva gives you the opportunity to study questions about human behavior and mental life ranging from how you see the world to why you fall in love. You will study the great controversies: nature versus nurture, free will, consciousness, the brain/mind dichotomy, human difference and social and cross-cultural perspectives. You will explore different branches within psychology including biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, social and cultural.

This solid academic foundation provides you with ways to begin to make sense of your world. As you develop and apply problem-solving skills your instruction will be personalized. This will help you to think analytically and communicate clearly and persuasively as you build competencies for a specific career or area of interest.

You will join an active psychology club, be informed about psychology events, socialize with others and share your experiences and expectations. You will combine your studies with subjects from other disciplines as you prepare to become a global citizen.

You will also have the opportunity to join the Psychology and Society Group (PSG), which brings together the research community within the Department of Psychology and Professional Counseling. In this group you will learn about and participate in ongoing research projects and partnerships with other academic institutions and the local community.

The bachelor of science (BS) in psychology is designed to provide the biological, cognitive, personality and social contexts for understanding the behavior of individuals throughout their lifespan. Students who successfully complete the BS in psychology will have the foundation, research skills and data analysis expertise to succeed in a MA/PhD psychology graduate program (e.g. clinical psychology, experimental psychology, etc.).

Students graduating with a bachelor of science (BS) in psychology will need to pursue a graduate degree before they are able to obtain professional licensure. Students are encouraged to check entrance requirements for any post-graduate programs prior to finishing their BS at Webster in the event they need to take additional coursework.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

Describe the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings and historical trends in psychology.
Detail the biological and genetic underpinnings of human behavior.
Implement the use of critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry and, when possible, the scientific approach to examine problems related to psychology.
Describe the research methods and statistical techniques used in psychology.
Develop a research hypothesis based on the available literature in psychology and then collect, analyze and interpret data to address the question.
Discuss the factors contributing to diversity, multiculturalism and inequality within an international context.
Discuss the occupational pursuits available in a variety of settings given their psychological knowledge, skills and values.

Study options

Full Time (Minimum of 128 credit hours)

Tuition fees
Fr33,280.00 (US$ 35,277) per year
CHF 16,640 per semester
Start date

Expected August 2020


Webster University, Geneva Campus

15, Route de Collex,



1293, Switzerland

Entry requirements

For international students

You may apply before you receive your high school diploma, but your admission status will be contingent upon successfully completing your secondary education.

A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of about a 2.5 on a 4 point scale, or its equivalent in other grading systems (academic achievement in programs that use a grading or assessment scale other than a 4.0 is evaluated in the context of the relevant academic system).

Also, the English language proficiency minimum requirement is either a TOEFL score of 550 points on the Paper-based test (PBT); or 80 points Internet-based test (iBT), OR an IELTS score Overall band 6.0. Webster periodically offers an institutional TOEFL exam date, when you can take the exam on campus (however, note that your score report would only be valid for use at Webster).

If you score between 510 and 550 on the paper-based TOEFL (64-80 on the iBT) or between a 5.5 and 6.0 on the IELTS and your GPA is equivalent to 2.5 or higher on a 4 point scale, you may be admitted on the condition that you take English as a Second Language (ESL) course(s) when you first enroll at Webster.