What will I learn?

With the push of a button we can send money to the most remote places on earth, we can control critical infrastructure, or we can send or receive information. This development has led to significant boosts in productivity and unprecedented convenience for us all, but at the same time it has posed significant new challenges.

We hear about data breaches and attacks on critical infrastructure every day. How do we safeguard our information society? How do we promote trust? How do we engineer an information infrastructure that has security built in from the start in a principled way? These are the central questions of Cyber Security - an exciting and crucial research area within Computer Science.

Program’s Objectives

In collaboration with ETH Zurich, this Master’s joint-degree program offers a broad set of courses such as cryptography, formal methods, systems, network and wireless security. It aims to provide both foundational and applied knowledge in this quickly expanding domain by leveraging expertise from both universities.

This program is mainly targeted at students who have a Bachelor in either Computer Science or Communication Systems and will offer graduates excellent job perspectives.

Which department am I in?

School of Computer and Communication Sciences

Study options

Full Time (120 ECTS credits)

Tuition fees
Fr1,320.00 (US$ 1,332) per year
CHF 660 per semester
Start date

14 September 2020


Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

Route Cantonale,



1015, Switzerland

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Students must hold a Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent) in a related field from a recognized university can apply for one of the EPFL Masters Programs. Only candidates with excellent academic records and references have good chances to be accepted. Also, are not eligible candidates who already hold a Master's degree, or equivalent, in the field (or similar field) of the program for which they would apply.

For international students

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, communication systems or a related field from an internationally recognized university. The Bachelor’s degree is based on at least three years of study (full-time equivalent) or 180 ECTS credits. Respectively 1 ECTS credit corresponds to a workload of 25-30 hours.