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What will I learn?

The Associate Degree Nursing Program prepares the student to practice nursing at a beginning level, such as a staff nurse position in health care facilities including hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics, and other community agencies. Graduates are eligible to take the RN license examination (NCLEX-RN). Students considering application to the Nursing Program need to be aware of background check and potential legal limitations.

Paramedic Advanced Placement Program

Paramedic to ADN Bridge Program Completion — 48 hours

The Paramedic Advanced Placement Program (also known as the Paramedic to ADN Bridge Program) is a program within the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program. It is designed to allow graduates of a state-approved EMS-Paramedic program with an unencumbered license to enter into upper level Nursing (ADN) courses. A valid national paramedic license will allow nine nursing credits to be awarded as proficiency credit. The admitted Bridge student will have already completed BIO 121, ENG 101, and PSY 101 (11 credit hours). To complete the Associate in Applied Science in Nursing degree, the student will complete 48 additional hours in program and general education courses.

Program Notes

• The program operates when there are sufficient qualified candidates to offer the class. • This is a selective admissions program. Students must follow all the rules for admission to the ADN program, and be admitted to the ADN program before taking any NUR classes. See the selective admissions page for more information regarding admission, progression, and graduation. Requisite conditions to be met prior to scoring for admission: • Attain college reading, writing, and mathematics placement. ɤ Placement into MAT 108 Introduction to Applied Statistics within the past 2-½ years; or completion of college level math within the past five years. Note: developmental math expires in two years. ɤ Placement into ENG 101 Composition I and college level reading. • Complete the following coursework: ENG 101 Composition I, PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology, and BIO 121 Anatomy and Physiology I.

Which department am I in?

Department of Health Professions

Study options

Full Time (68 semester hours)

Tuition fees
US$15,930.00 per year
USD $531 per credit hour

*Price shown is for indicative purposes, please check with institution

Start date

10 January 2022, 22 August 2022


Department of Health Professions

2400 West Bradley Avenue,



61821, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Admission is open to anyone who is a graduate of an accredited high school or is at least 18 years of age and able to benefit from college-level instruction.

For international students

Admission is open to anyone who is a graduate of an accredited high school or is at least 18 years of age and able to benefit from college-level instruction

For students who are non-native speakers of English, establish English proficiency prior to applying through: Minimum TOEFL iBT scores in reading, listening, speaking, and writing: 20-22-26-20; or Minimum IELTS scores in reading, listening, speaking, and writing: 6.5-6.5-8-5.5.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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