What will I learn?

Scholar-practitioners. That’s who we are in New England College’s Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program. We bring together a community of students and faculty who recognize that politics is everywhere: it’s in everything we do and in all we hope to accomplish in our communities, states, nation, and across the globe.

Together, we explore the constitutional, political, and public policy challenges and opportunities that face us all. You’ll develop an understanding of the history of those challenges and the arguments. Then you’ll work to develop an evidence-based approach to resolving them. Political Science makes students formidable critical thinkers, writers, speakers, and advocates on behalf of those who often cannot advocate for themselves.

To achieve this role of scholar-practitioner you will learn by doing. Your education in the classroom is preparation for applying those lessons to real world challenges. Together, we push ourselves to develop the knowledge and the skills that empower us to make a difference.

When you walk across the graduation stage you’ll be ready – well prepared to begin your next adventure. Join us!

Political Science: Learn by Doing at New England College

  • Student interns work in Congressional offices in Washington, DC. Students have also interned at the White House, and the Office of the First Lady. For those pursuing a pre-law track, students have interned in various law firms.
  • Many students continue their work with issue advocacy groups such as First Budget and AARP.
  • Be part of an election campaign! Our political science majors have staffed election campaigns and worked to get Presidents, Governors, Senators, Members of Congress and Mayors elected.
  • New England College has been described as a place where the road to the White House begins! We hosted a town hall event for every major presidential candidate running in the 2016 NH Presidential Primary. Soon, candidates will be positioning themselves for the 2020 nomination! Meet the candidates. Ask them questions directly. NEC students help facilitate town halls, and a student is selected to formally introduce each and every candidate for President.
  • Participate in the New Hampshire Primary Student Convention. This major political convention brings over 500 college and high school students together from across the country to meet presidential candidates, media personalities and issue advocacy groups – all organized and run by New England College students.
  • With the help of student facilitators New England College hosts debates for US Senate, House, and Governor’s races.
  • Study abroad to learn about international politics and global affairs.

Career Opportunities in Political Science

  • Local, state, and national election campaign staff
  • Issue Advocacy Groups: communications, policy, programs
  • Policy Analyst
  • Government service at the local, state, and national level
  • Media: reporter, researcher, analyst
  • Law School
  • Graduate School (Masters and Doctoral programs)

Which department am I in?

New England College

Study options

Full Time (4 years)

Tuition fees
US$35,858.00 per year
USD $17,929 per semester
Start date

Expected January 2022


New England College

98 Bridge Street,


New Hampshire,

03242, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Other English Language Requirements accepted: A minimum score of 550 or higher on TOEFL (paper-based).

For international students

New England College requires a completed high school diploma (or a school‐leaving certificate or equivalent) for matriculation into baccalaureate programs. Other English Language Requirements: PTE score of 54.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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