What will I learn?

About the College

The College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences (CALS) mirrors the same arrangement of liberal arts that were assembled in the ancient Greek academy, where they reflected the higher concerns of free citizens, and the pursuit of which were understood to liberate the spirit.

It is this philosophy that we relay to the tremendous proportion of core class students we serve across the entire university. The influence of our college can be felt throughout—in the critical thinking skills and research acumen instilled in our students.

The Department of World Languages (DWL) offers majors in World Languages: French and World Languages: Spanish. Minors include French and Spanish. DWL also offers a Certificate in Professional Spanish.

Courses in foreign languages are offered to give the student proficiency in basic language skills, such as speaking, writing, reading, and understanding; to guide advanced students to fluency of the written and spoken idioms; to acquaint students with major literary works in foreign languages and increase awareness and appreciation of other cultures; to provide courses necessary and useful for those preparing to work, teach, or communicate in a linguistically diverse community; to promote intercultural communication; and to offer background preparation necessary for graduate work in a foreign language. In order to ensure student learning, the program continuously assesses communication skills, critical thinking, research methods and community engagement throughout the majors.


General: 120 minimum total hours, including 45 hours of upper-level courses (3000-4000 level), and 30 hours in residence

First-Year Colloquium (0-3 hours)

Required of full-time freshmen entering college for the first time and transfer students with less than 12 hours of credit.

Major (30 hours above the 1000 level)

Communications (12-15 hours)

FREN 3310 - Integrated Skills I
FREN 3311 - Integrated Skills II
FREN 3312 - Integrated Skills III

FREN 2315 - Intermediate Conversational French


FREN 3115 - Advanced Conversation
FREN 3116 - Advanced Conversation
FREN 3117 - Advanced Conversation

Cultures (3-9 hours)

FREN 3334 - French Culture and Civilization I
FREN 3335 - French Culture and Civilization II
FREN 3336 - Francophone Cultures

Comparisons and Communities (3-9 hours)

FREN 3316 - French Pronunciation
FREN 4316 - Advanced Listening and Pronunciation
FREN 4141 - French Practicum
FREN 4142 - French Practicum
FREN 4143 - French Practicum
FREN 4350 - Senior Project
LANG 3390 - Language Study Abroad

Connections (3-9 hours)

FREN 3321 - French Short Stories
FREN 3332 - Introduction to French Literature
FREN 3333 - Selected Readings in French Literature
FREN 4331 - Writings: Historical Perspective
FREN 4341 - Writings: Modern Perspective
FREN 4351 - Cinema
FREN 4361 - Seminar in French Literature
FREN 4362 - Seminar in French Literature

Which department am I in?

College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences

Study options

Full Time (Minimum 120 hours)

Tuition fees
US$21,779.60 per year
Application deadline

Expected November 2021

Start date

Expected January, August 2022


College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences

2801 South University Avenue,

Fine Arts, Suite 210,



72204, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Students are required to have TOEFL score of 525 on paper-based.

For international students

First-time freshmen students must have any high school and post-secondary school transcripts, accompanied by English translations. Minimum cumulative high school GPA: 2.5 out of 4.0. TOEFL: 525 Paper-based, 61 Internet-based; IELTS: 6.0.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.