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What will I learn?

In recent years, students in the program have made four questions paramount:

Which emerging technologies hold greatest promise for enriching learning experiences throughout the educational enterprise?
What pedagogical strategies should designers embody in instructional materials, including those based on multimedia and those reflected in gaming environments?
How should educators deploy, manage, and evaluate information and communication technologies in classrooms for optimal educational effect?
What principles of design and practice should educators incorporate into distributed educational courses and programs?

Minimum Point Requirement
A minimum of 90 points of coursework are required for completion of the degree. A maximum of 45 semester hours of course credits from previous, non-Teachers College work may be transferred to count toward the 90 points required for the Ed.D. degree (see below for specifics).

Required Courses (37 points)
While the program in Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design has several required areas, there are many course choices available to students within those areas. Thus, while 37 points of requirements are listed, only 19 points are prescribed courses, and students have significant course choices within the 37 points of coursework that are taken within the required areas.

MSTU 4000: Core Seminar (1 point)

Ed.D. students who begin their programs in the Fall register for MSTU 4000 (for 1 point) that Fall and register for MSTU 6600 each semester thereafter (see details below). Ed.D. students who begin their programs in the Summer register for MSTU 4000 (for 1 point) in the subsequent Fall semester and for MSTU 6600 each semester thereafter.

MSTU 6600: Doctoral Colloquium (2 points required)

Ed.D. students register for MSTU 6600 beginning in their first Spring semester in the program and for each semester thereafter.
Ed.D. students must take MSTU 6600 for a total of two points after taking MSTU 4000. After two points of registration in MSTU 6600 has been achieved, students must register for MSTU 6600 for zero points continually, throughout their programs.

MSTU 4083: Instructional Design of Educational Technology (3 points; counts toward the Foundational Knowledge area)
MSTU 4031: Object-Oriented Theory and Programming I OR MSTU 5003: Theory and Programming: Interactive Media I (3 points)
MSTU 5031: Object-Oriented Theory and Programming II (3 points)

MSTU 7501 or MSTU 7503: Dissertation Seminar (1 point)

Students must register for the Dissertation Seminar in the semester that they present their Dissertation Proposal for approval.

One course from each of the following four areas must be completed. Courses must be chosen from those listed under the respective area (12 points).

Cognitive Issues and Technology

MSTU 4133: Cognition and Computers

Social Issues and Technology

MSTU 4020: Social and Communicative Aspects of ICTs
MSTU 4005: Equity, Ethics and Social Issues

Cultural Issues and Technology

MSTU 4028: Technology and Culture
MSTU 5002: Culture, Media & Education

Educational Practice and Design

MSTU 4001: Technology and School Change
MSTU 4050: Online Schools and Online Schooling K-12
MSTU 4083: Instructional Design of Educational Technology

Courses chosen relating to Research Methods and Design (12 points minimum)

Introductory Quantitative Methods Course, taken from the following or similar (3 points):

HUDM 4122: Probability and Statistical Inference

Note: HUDM 4120: Basic Concepts in Statistics does not meet this requirement.

Which department am I in?

Teachers College

Study options

Full Time (Minimum of 90 credit hours)

Tuition fees
US$41,736.00 per year
Start date

Expected September 2022


Columbia University

116th Street, 2960 Broadway,

New York,

10027, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Other English Language Requirements:  The minimum TOEFL score expected is 600 (written) or 250 (computer version).

For international students

Applicant must hold equivalent of a U.S. baccalaureate degree.

English Language Requirement

Applicant must have minimum TOEFL score of 100 internet based (IBT), 600 paper-base exam (PBT) and minimum IELTS score of 7.0

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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