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What will I learn?

In Cognitive Science in Education, students examine the cognitive mechanisms that underlie learning and thinking in school and non-school settings. The program trains students in basic theories of human cognition, the practice and interpretation of empirical cognitive and developmental research, and how to use research to improve educational practices and develop innovative methods built around new technologies.

Core Courses (9 points):

HUDK 4029 Human cognition and learning (3)
HUDK 4080 Educational psychology (3)
HUDK 5023 Cognitive development (3)

Statistics/Research Design (3 points):

At least one of the following:

HUD 4120 Methods of empirical research (3)
HUDM 4120 Basic concepts in statistics (3)
HUDM 4122 Probability and statistical inference (3)
HUDM 5122 Applied regression analysis (3)
HUDM 5123 Linear models and experimental design (3)

Research Practicum (3 points):

HUDK 5324 Research work practicum (2-3) or by permission
HUDK 6539 Research practicum in educational psychology, cognition, and learning (1-3)

Breadth Requirement (Non-departmental Courses) (minimum of 8 points): (each course must be for at least 2 points)

At least 3 courses outside the department selected in consultation with an advisor.

Specialized Courses (8-11 points):

Selected in consultation with an advisor, and focusing on one of the following areas:

Cognition and Learning:

HUDK 4015 Psychology of thinking (3)
HUDK 4027 Development of mathematical thinking (3)
HUDK 5024 Language development (2-3)
HUDK 5025 Spatial thinking (3)
HUDK 5030 Visual explanations (3)
HUDM 5058 Choice and decision making (3)
HBSK 5096 The psychology of memory (3)
HUDK 5042 Motivation in education (3)
HUDK 5063 Cognitive development beyond childhood (3)
HUDK 6199 Issues: Transfer of learning (3)

Intelligent Technologies:

HUDK 4015 Psychology of thinking (3)
HUDK 4035 Technology and human development (3)
HUDK 4050 Core methods in educational data mining (3)
HUDK 4051 Learning analytics: Process and theory (3)
HUDK 5025 Spatial thinking (3)
HUDK 5030 Visual explanations (3)
HUDK 5035 Psychology of media (3)
HUDK 5037 Psychology of children's media (3)
HUDK 5042 Motivation in education (3)
HUDK 5197 Psychology of eLearning in business and industry (3)
HUDK 5063 Cognitive development beyond childhood (3)
HUDK 6199 Issues: Transfer of learning (3)

Which department am I in?

Teachers College

Study options

Full Time (32 credit hours)

Tuition fees
US$41,736.00 per year
Start date

Expected September 2022


Columbia University

116th Street, 2960 Broadway,

New York,

10027, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Other English Language Requirements:  The minimum TOEFL score expected is 600 (written) or 250 (computer version).

For international students

Applicant must hold equivalent of a U.S. baccalaureate degree.

English Language Requirement

Applicant must have minimum TOEFL score of 100 internet based (IBT), 600 paper-base exam (PBT) and minimum IELTS score of 7.0

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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