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What will I learn?

The Master of Science in Finance program is designed to help students develop technical and analytical skills in the area of finance and to acquire the core conceptual knowledge about the applications of those skills in solving financial issues and furthering the body of knowledge through ongoing research.

Master of Science in Finance students learn from accomplished professors and scholars who are committed to high-quality teaching. Topics include:

  • The ability to value financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives using current valuation methods.
  • A strong understanding of how to evaluate capital budgeting projects.
  • The ability to construct efficient portfolios.
  • A comprehensive understanding of how markets work according to the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

This program is designed to be a terminal degree for those looking to pursue a career in private or public sector after program completion.

While the Finance field is highly competitive, students may typically begin careers in industries such as wealth management, trusts, and banking in positions such as a financial advisor or financial or research analyst.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Finance program consists of two options: option A (thesis option) with 30 credits and option B (non-thesis option) with 33 credits. Depending on students’ backgrounds several pre-requisite courses may be required (see below).

The thesis option provides students the opportunity to complete a research project under the guidance of expert faculty. Completing a thesis can strengthen the student’s profile both academically and professionally. Consider these additional points:

  • If the student is interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Finance at another institution, the thesis option is advantageous.
  • It may require additional time to complete a thesis.
  • A thesis option may be helpful in getting employment in research roles.

Which department am I in?

College of Business

Study options

Full Time (30 credit hours)

Tuition fees
US$21,006.00 per year
Start date

Expected August 2022


College of Business

Room Number: Fourth floor, room 409,

1664 N. Virginia Street,



89557, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

A minimum of 30 graduate credits in biology or related fields must be completed with an average grade of B or better

For international students

Student must have

  • Grade Point Average of 3.00 on a scale of 4.0, or an average of 3.25 or higher for the courses taken during the last half of the undergraduate program.
  • A baccalaureate (or an advanced) degree from an accredited four-year institution; any major is acceptable.
  • The minimum TOEFL score accepted is 550.

Application Deadlines

To be considered for Fall semester, all materials must be received by March 15.
To be considered for Spring semester, application materials must be received by October 15.

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.