What will I learn?

All MSIM students take a set of foundational core courses that cover key areas: leadership, information management, professionalism, information technology, ethics and policy, and problem-solving. These foundational courses set the framework of what makes the MSIM graduate stand out in the job market from other candidates with similar skills.

In addition, you can shape your studies with electives that fit your personal or professional goals. You can choose to specialize in a preapproved subject area, or you can select an array of courses that interest you. These courses build management, analytical and foundational technical skills as well as develop depth in focused areas of specialization.

While all MSIM students study the same foundational material, your degree requirements vary depending on whether you choose the early-career (formerly "Full-Time") or mid-career program option.

You can tailor the iSchool’s Master of Science in Information Management to suit your goals. We offer three degree options: Early-Career, Early-Career Accelerated and Mid-Career.

Residential or Online

Starting in 2021, students can apply as either a residential or online student in their selected degree option. Residential students take most or all of their classes on campus in Seattle, Washington, while online students complete the entire program remotely, from anywhere in the world.

MSIM Early-Career

An Early-Career MSIM degree complements a bachelor’s degree in business, humanities, social sciences, arts or sciences by opening new doors to careers in information-related fields. Early-Career MSIM students explore a wide range of information management topics through instruction and hands-on experiences over 65 quarter credits, completing up to two specializations, a Capstone project, and often a full-time summer internship.

MSIM Early-Career Accelerated

The Early-Career Accelerated MSIM option is well-suited for recent graduates who wish to augment their credentials with a master's degree in a high-demand field. Students in the Early-Career Accelerated degree option take 40 quarter credits, completing a set of foundational core classes and one specialization (or a mix of electives tailored to their goals and interests). The curriculum culminates with a practicum experience for which students can complete an industry-sponsored Capstone project, internship or faculty-directed research project.

MSIM Mid-Career

If you’re a working professional with five or more years of related experience, the Mid-Career MSIM lets you maintain your current job while you pursue the graduate degree you need to advance or change your career. The Mid-Career MSIM recognizes your experience by waiving some credits required of Early-Career students. Students in the Mid-Career MSIM degree option take 36 quarter credits, completing a set of foundational core classes and one specialization in as little as one year. Students can extend their stay in the program if they wish to complete an additional specialization or prefer a slower pace to balance their other commitments.

The MSIM program offers six areas of specialization that are in high demand among employers: Business Intelligence, Data Science, User Experience, Program/Product Management and Consulting, Information Architecture, and Information and Cyber Security. You may decide to select one of the specializations or you may combine electives that fit your career goals. Each specialization requires completion of three distinct courses, and availability varies based on program track and mode of delivery.

Which department am I in?

Information School

Study options

Full Time (65 credit hours)

Tuition fees
US$58,240.00 per year
Early-Career Accelerated track (40 credits): USD $35,840; Early-Career track (65 credits): USD $58,240; Mid-Career track (36 credits): USD $32,256
Start date

Expected September 2022


University of Washington

Schmitz Hall, 1410 NE Campus Parkway,



98195, United States

Entry requirements

For students from United States

Prospective graduate students must meet the following minimum requirements: Hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S.1or its equivalent from a foreign institution; Have earned at least a 3.0 grade-point-average (on a 4 point scale) for the last 90 graded quarter credits or 60 graded semester credits. Other English Language Requirements: 580 paper-based TOEFL.

For international students

Bachelor's degree or higher in any discipline (must be equivalent to a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution)

English Proficiency:

The Graduate School is temporarily accepting official test scores for both the Duolingo English Test and the TOEFL ITP Plus For China to assist international students with remote testing options. This policy is currently in effect through the autumn 2021 admission cycle (i.e., students enrolling in autumn 2021).

TOEFL iBT - Minimum Required Score (ELP Required): 80; Recommended Score (ELP Satisfied): 92 or higher

TOEFL pBT - Minimum Required Score: 500

Duolingo: Minimum Required Score (ELP Required): 105; Recommended Score (ELP Satisfied): 120 or higher

IELTS: Minimum Required Score 6.5

*There may be different IELTS requirements depending on your chosen course.


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