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Polytechnic University of Milan

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THE World Ranking: 301



The Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano in Italian, often shortened to PoliMi) offers students a great technical education and amazing job prospects in the beautiful historical city of Milan. PoliMi is famous for its engineering, design, and architecture courses, producing future leaders in these fields and others. For example, Giulio Natta, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, studied at the university and did most of his famous research there.


Students who want to study in Italy should know that PoliMi is ranked number one in the country by the QS World University Rankings, and 139th in the world. The university is ranked even higher in its specialist subjects (in the top 15 universities worldwide for its design, architecture, and engineering programmes, mentioned above).


Students are supported through their studies at this university by talented, focused tutors and lecturers. They’re also very well-prepared for the future. Graduates from PoliMi have some of the best career prospects in the world, with the university sitting at number 43 on the QS Graduate Employability Rankings for 2022.


This employability ranking is thanks to PoliMi’s great careers services, excellent reputation, and strong links to local and global companies. Also, all undergraduate students are expected to find a placement or internship in their final year of study. This gives them new practical skills and the chance to make a direct connection with an employer.


PoliMi is a global institution. Over 40,000 students were enrolled in 2022. 7,301 of these students were international, coming from over 100 countries worldwide. With some courses taught in English and dedicated support for international arrivals (like welcome events and a buddy programme), students can expect to feel at home wherever they come from.


It’s also really easy to feel at home because Milan is such a beautiful, exciting city with lots of professional opportunities and extracurricular activities. Potential students who want to enjoy all the best of Italian culture while getting a great education in a welcoming community should choose PoliMi.


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Teaching Quality

Ranked as the 139th best university in the world (and the best university in the country) in the QS World University Rankings 2022, students arriving at PoliMi can expect quality teaching and a good education. The university has an especially great reputation for technical subjects, ranking worldwide as the fifth best in design, 10th best in architecture, and 13th best in engineering.


PoliMi alumni and faculty have achieved so much. Lots of famous architects have studied or worked at PoliMi, including Aldo Rossi, Renzo Piano and Gio Ponti. Giulio Natta studied at PoliMi and later won the Nobel Prize for chemistry for the research he did at the university. All of this creates a (well-earned) reputation for expertise across the 1,500 lecturers and tutors.


Students can be sure, with such an accomplished staff, that high-quality teaching is the standard. Plus, with just 27.5 students to each staff member, teaching quality is easily maintained, and every learner gets the attention they need. This is clear from student satisfaction statistics. 88 per cent of master’s degree graduates said they would choose PoliMi again if they could.


If students want to study technical subjects in Europe, there are not many options better than PoliMi. Between rankings, alumni achievements, and student opinion, it’s clearly a very good university.


Entry Requirements

PoliMi has some entry requirements in place for potential future students. Applicants should check these university requirements carefully to make sure that they will be considered for admission to the programme that they’re interested in.


PoliMi has provided detailed, useful information about the university entry requirements for international students on its website. But to give a summary, international students interested in a Laurea programme (equivalent to a BSc) should submit evidence of at least 12 years of pre-university schooling or study. If a student comes from a country where they have to complete a university entry exam, they must give PoliMi their exam results. Applicants must also provide a suitable English or Italian proficiency certificate.


PoliMi’s undergraduate university entry requirements usually ask that International Baccalaureate students have 24 points in six elective subjects, 12 at ‘Higher Level’. They must also have passed certain key subjects.


Anyone applying for a Laurea Magistrale programme at PoliMi (an MSc) will need to have an undergraduate degree and meet the minimum GPA listed on PoliMi’s website for the country they received the degree in. Applicants’ previous university qualifications must be closely related to the programmes they wish to study at the postgraduate level. Again, proof of English or Italian understanding will be needed.


English Score Required

PoliMi teaches in English and Italian. If students enrol in a programme that’s delivered in English, they will have to prove they have a good understanding of the language. This is to make sure they can understand the course and communicate with staff and other students during their studies.


PoliMi uses a few different methods to check English proficiency. Undergraduate students coming from a country where the majority language is English are exempt from providing certificates, and so are students taught at secondary school level in English. Beyond these exceptions to the rule, proof of understanding via achieving a certain English score is a must. PoliMi accepts the following tests:


  • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
  • The IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Trinity College language tests
  • Cambridge language tests


Specific scores needed for each of the tests can be found on PoliMi’s website. To give an example for one of the most common testing methods, the IELTS, an overall band score of at least 5 is required.


Postgraduate applicants will also need to show their understanding. They can submit the same tests as undergraduates and will be exempt if their undergraduate degree was delivered in English. They will need, as an example, a minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.



When students have decided what they want to study at PoliMi, the university admission process can begin. Undergraduate applicants will first need to register for an admission test and should know that there’s a lot of competition. Places for international students, in particular, are limited. Applicants will:


  1. Register online for a test in their desired field of study.
  2. Pay a small fee to take the test (EUR 30 in 2022).
  3. Complete the test (usually scheduled for July in the year students wish to enrol and taken online).
  4. Find out marks from PoliMi.
  5. Register at PoliMi (if they ranked highly enough to be eligible).
  6. Provide supporting documents and personal details.
  7. Begin the student visa process (if required).


Postgraduate applicants should register on PoliMi’s university admission service so they can access an online form. Here, they will submit information like their personal details, educational background and CV. They will also be able to select a first and second programme in order of preference.


After carefully making sure all the required documents and details are present, applicants will pay an application fee (EUR 50 in 2022) to submit their information for consideration. If successful, PoliMi will contact them to continue the student admission process.


Scholarships & Funding

Funding a high-quality education in Italy doesn’t have to be impossible, and students at PoliMi enjoy very reasonable tuition fees. As of 2022, undergraduate and postgraduate students can expect to pay maximum fees of EUR 3,891.85 annually (including the Italian government’s taxes and fees). Plus, lots of PoliMi students benefit from other kinds of funding support like university scholarships, grants and discounts.


PoliMi has a few awards and scholarships for students to enjoy. One scholarship, which will be of particular interest to international students, is given to deserving students away from home. Anyone studying a BSc or an MSc (in certain circumstances) who lives in paid accommodation close to campus and meets the merit requirements can be considered, and scholarship winners can expect a payment of EUR 3,080.


Students in difficult financial circumstances can apply for DSU benefits. These benefits can include scholarships covering money and services (such as catering) and possibly reduced fees for PoliMi accommodation.


The Italian government also provides very generous university scholarships through their Study in Italy programme. Unfortunately, they will not fund undergraduate programmes in technical subjects, but there are several options for postgraduate students.


A person lucky enough to win one of these scholarships can expect a monthly payment of EUR 900 for six or nine months, health insurance coverage and exemption from university fees. Applicants for this scheme must be under a certain age (29 years old for master’s studies, 31 years old for PhD studies) and come from an eligible country.


University Structure

Teaching at PoliMi is highly specialised, and courses are delivered across six sites. The two main campuses, Leonardo and Bovisa are both based in Milan, a major city in northern Italy. Programmes are delivered across four schools:


  • The School of Architecture, Urban Planning, Construction, and Engineering
  • The School of Design
  • The School of Civil, Environmental, and Land Management Engineering
  • The School of Industrial and Information Engineering.


In these schools, prospective students have a wide variety of courses to choose from. PoliMi offers 25 undergraduate courses and 47 postgraduate programmes for international students starting in 2023. There are 12 research departments:


  • Aerospace Science and Technology
  • Architecture and Urban Studies
  • Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering
  • Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Design
  • Electronics, Information, and Bioengineering
  • Energy
  • Management, Economics, and Industrial Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics


Leonardo Campus is the largest and oldest campus at PoliMi, founded in 1927. It’s where students will find most of the university’s administrative staff, as well as many courses in engineering, construction, and architecture. Bovisa Campus is in a suburb to the north of Milan. It hosts some engineering departments and the university’s famed design school.

The remaining four PoliMi sites are satellite campuses in Cremona, Lecco, Mantova and Piacenza. Each site offers a range of specialist courses, like master’s degree programmes in agricultural and acoustic engineering, for example.



The amazing facilities at PoliMi make student life easy. When a student wants to enjoy their time and relax, there are student recreation centres and student life centres available to them. When a student wants to put their head down and study, there are some great modern learning spaces available to them. From the fully equipped labs to the spacious, technology-friendly lecture theatres, every learning facility at PoliMi has been carefully designed.


There are also many libraries across the university’s six sites. Across the three main libraries on the Milan campuses and the libraries on the satellite campuses, there is a huge collection of books and resources to help students with their learning, and lots of great study spaces! Students can also use the university’s specialist historical and material libraries.


When class is over and studying is done for the day, PoliMi campuses have lots of student activity centres geared up for fun and socialising with new friends. A student at this amazing university based in Milan is never far from freshly made pizza or real Italian coffee, and there are lots of convenient shops on campus. In the city beyond campus, a true cultural hub, there are even more things to eat and enjoy. From festivals to sporting events, there’s always something happening.


Students interested in sports and fitness will love the PoliMi facilities and spend a lot of time on the Leonardo Campus at the Giuriati Sports Centre. This Centre includes gym equipment, playing fields and a running track. Casual, active play is encouraged around campuses, too, with ping pong and table football options free for students to use.


There are lots of student associations at PoliMi. These groups, clubs and teams give students a great chance to meet like-minded people outside the classroom and do something fun, from rocketry to radio. There are also some great student accommodation options.



The Polytechnic University of Milan has seven student accommodation buildings, with five in Milan and one each in the towns of Lecco and Como. These buildings are convenient places for learners to live, containing all the furniture they need and giving them access to services like laundry and internet. Plus, all the buildings offer easy access to campus.


University accommodation at PoliMi can be really competitive. There are only 1,700 spaces in these buildings for a student population much larger than this number. To help students, PoliMi has also partnered with some student accommodation companies that offer similar benefits (furniture, utilities) as well as extra perks depending on the location (breakfast, a 24-hour reception). These companies include Abitare SGM, CAMPLUS and La Cordata.


Lots of PoliMi students will instead choose to find a private student house, especially after the first year of their studies. Shared student houses privately rented will often be more affordable than typical student accommodation.


PoliMi recommends that students pay close attention to location and start their property search through Facebook groups/services like Spotahome. The key word for international students to know is ‘affitti’, which is the Italian word for ‘rent’. A simple search for ‘affitti milano’ will make it easy for learners to find their ideal student house near PoliMi.


Student Support

Students at PoliMi have access to lots of student support services to help them through their studies. International applicants can get in contact with the dedicated International Students Office before they ever arrive on campus and can receive help preparing documents/securing their study permits. This office also runs sessions to guide international students through enrolment and get them used to student life in Italy.


Once learners have arrived in Milan, they can use all the student support programmes PoliMi has to offer. Student services on offer include tutoring, psychological support, and a buddy project (experienced students act as student guides and host activities for new international arrivals at the university).


There is also an excellent careers service on offer at PoliMi. This area of student support links students with career advisors and companies, helping them to find internships and jobs during their studies and beyond.


Graduate Outcomes

Graduates from PoliMi have incredible job prospects. In 2022, 89 per cent of international master’s degree graduates were employed a year after graduation, rising to 95 per cent after five years. While lots of PoliMi graduates choose to stay in Italy, over half of graduates find work elsewhere, proving the value of a PoliMi degree worldwide. Job prospects for undergraduate degree graduates are just as good, with 92 per cent in work one year after graduating.


Part of the reason why graduates from PoliMi do so well is that students at the university are supported from day one by excellent career services. PoliMi has strong industry connections and a good reputation, and students have lots of chances for internships and graduate jobs. Employment services include lots and lots of networking events, job listings and access to an expert career guide.


Every member of staff at PoliMi wants to help guide students to success. Trained experts in the careers departments can help students to find out which skills employers want, explore their career options, and find the right job.


PoliMi invests heavily in industry partnerships and practical training. Most BSc students are expected to complete an internship or placement as part of their final year of study, letting them learn on the job and opening up their job prospects post-graduation. PoliMi is ranked in the top eight per cent of universities for Graduate Employability by QS World Rankings.


With high-quality employment services, reasonable tuition prices and strong industry ties, students at PoliMi can enjoy the best of both worlds. For any person seeking career options in the technical world, PoliMi is a strong choice.


Subjects you can study at Polytechnic University of Milan

  • Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  • Applied and Pure Sciences Applied and Pure Sciences
  • Architecture and Construction Architecture and Construction
  • Business and Management Business and Management
  • Computer Science and IT Computer Science and IT
  • Creative Arts and Design Creative Arts and Design
  • Engineering Engineering

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