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Taylor's University

Malaysia Malaysia

6 Reviews




Taylor's University is the number one private university in Malaysia. It’s based in Subang Jaya, a bustling city not far from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur, and was originally founded in 1969. Since then, Taylor’s has grown into a respected institution recognised globally for its high-quality facilities, excellent curriculums, and experienced tutors. 


Taylor’s is considered one of the most influential universities in the world, and it’s earned this reputation through a combination of international collaborations with other universities, innovative degree programmes and well-funded elite law and business faculties with many, many unique resources and talented teachers.


Taylor’s is in the top one per cent of universities across the world according to QS World University Rankings, and it remains in the top one per cent for the Employer Reputation sub-category. Taylor’s offers a range of study options, with courses in finance, accounting, computer science, business, fine arts, hospitality and tourism, and more.


The university has enjoyed over 50 years as a successful higher education institution now, becoming a leading university for business in beautiful Malaysia with a global network of over 3,000 affiliates. Its teaching includes employment training and practical skills, which even further increases graduate employability, and students rarely leave Taylor’s without work experience/internship experience. In fact, 74 per cent of Taylor’s students have interned with top international employers in recent years.


Graduates get all the real-life industry experience they need, and student engagement levels are high because learning is academic and applied to people’s chosen fields. The university’s exciting classes are taught by experienced lecturers, and they create talented professionals who know what they’re talking about.


Taylor’s students, whether they’re domestic or international, can access amazing scholarships at the institution. They can also enjoy lots of great student services and links with industry leaders. For a student experience where doors are always open and education goes beyond the classroom to many important networking opportunities, it has to be Taylor’s.


Teaching Quality


Taylor’s is a well-respected university with a lot of talented international students currently enrolled. These students are interested in the university for its teaching quality, innovative curriculums and great facilities. Taylor’s has been named the number one private university in Southeast Asia by the QS World University Ranking three years in a row.


A big part of the high-quality teaching being kept up across the university is the impressive student-to-faculty ratio of just 13 to one. Usual class sizes are below 20, so every person in the room can get the focus and attention they need.


Taylor’s is only the third institution in the world to get a teaching endorsement from the APEC-LSIF (Asia-Pacific Economic Committee Life Sciences Innovation Forum). APEC is a trusted organisation that regulates education providers, so this endorsement is very meaningful. The endorsement especially praised the training and consulting services at Taylor’s. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the university was also recently endorsed by APEC.


The Taylor’s Business School ranks in the top 100 worldwide for business and management studies. Researchers at the university recently won the Facebook Research Award for some work focused on social experiences in VR environments, done in partnership with an academic from Monash University in Australia. Overall, the achievements never end for Taylor’s students and staff.


Entry Requirements


Taylor’s programmes are internationally recognised, and while the institution is on its way to becoming one of the most important universities in the world, its entry requirements are still quite flexible. The university is adaptable to its students' needs, offering a range of resources and alternative programmes to help applicants develop and get the qualifications they need to meet the university entry requirements.


Each programme asks for different entry requirements and grades, with some courses asking for specific qualifications. But, generally, the university requirements for undergraduates are a very reasonable minimum grade average of 65 per cent and any foundation diploma or its equivalent in a related discipline recognised by the Malaysian Government. For postgraduates, applicants will need previous university qualifications (usually at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject).


Taylor’s offers international students flexible, supportive programmes in a beautiful country. Every person who meets the entry requirements and enrols benefits from a great education and gets all the right building blocks for their future career, as well as some exciting and interesting student life experiences along the way.


English Score Required


Students who want to study at Taylor’s and benefit from many amazing academic and personal development opportunities (including integrated work placements and internships) will need to have a minimum level of English understanding.


Taylor’s graduates are high quality, respected and appreciated by employers. To create such great graduates, the university has to admit students who can fully connect with the course content and understand the valuable things they’re learning.


Taylor’s applicants who don’t speak English as a first language will need to prove their English proficiency unless they are an exception to the general rule. If, for example, they were educated in English and had a high school English qualification of grade C or above, they would be an exception to the rule and this qualification would prove their proficiency.


There are lots of accepted English test methods at Taylor’s, including the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). To take the IELTS as an example, international undergraduate and postgraduate applicants will need an overall IELTS band score of at least 6 to be considered for student admission.




Taylor’s encourages applicants to start their university admission application as early as they can and at least eight weeks before their course start date. Doing this well in advance is extra important for international students, as their applications can be more complex, and in some cases, can take longer to process. International students will also have to apply for a visa, adding time and paperwork.


Taylor’s has an acceptance rate of just over 70 per cent, but some programmes are more competitive than others and will be harder to get into. Before submitting a student admission application, applicants are advised to check the entry requirements and course details for their programme of choice to make sure they’re definitely well-suited for (and qualified for) the course they’re applying to.


Applicants should apply online, and they must also share some important supporting documents with the university when they do, such as academic transcripts, proof of identity and proof of English proficiency. Applicants should also note that they might need to follow some extra admission procedures if they’re planning to apply for a programme in any of the following schools:


  • The School of Architecture
  • The School of Building and Design
  • The School of Education
  • The School of Medicine


Applicants should also be aware of the tuition costs at Taylor’s. They change from course to course and level of study to level of study, but for an international undergraduate student in the School of Biosciences, for example, it would be around RM 120,000 for the academic year. For an international postgraduate in the School of Education doing a research master’s, it would be just under RM 50,000 for the academic year.


Scholarships & Funding


Taylor’s aims to make its high-quality international education experience available to people from all backgrounds. It’s a university committed to equal opportunities, and to educating a new generation of high achievers, and it hopes to give these high achievers similar values so that they always take the chance to give back.


Taylor’s gives back in the form of scholarships, awards and bursaries for future and current students. Most of the university scholarships available are awarded based on academic merit and success or stand-out talent in fields like sports, drama and music. Lots of the university’s scholarships fully waive tuition fees for promising students, and some even give those students money toward their studies or research projects and their living costs.


The Taylor's World Class Scholarship, for example, provides its recipient with a 100 per cent tuition fee waiver and a guaranteed internship or a place in a management training programme with one of the university’s global partners. The Taylor’s University Talent Scholarship also provides a tuition fee waiver.


There’s also a sports scholarship available that reduces the total cost of tuition significantly for students who show promise in their sports activities. And for students at higher levels, there is a postgraduate research scholarship that covers all tuition fees for 36 months, as well as gives the recipient a monthly stipend and conference allowance.


Thanks to the university’s large number of industry partners, there are a huge variety of other scholarships and awards funded by organisations external to Taylor’s. Grants can be awarded to students for their involvement in research and community projects, both internally and externally. Hardship funds and bursaries can be given to students in sudden financial need.


Funding a university education abroad isn’t easy for an international student, but it’s a little less hard with a university like Taylor’s offering all the support possible. At Taylor’s, students can be rewarded for their hard work, respected for their good ideas and supported in a time of need.


University Structure


Potential future students are invited to find a well-designed, interactive programme at Taylor’s that they love (and to start a successful journey into a field that they love with this programme). All the university’s courses and classes are offered across four main faculties, with each faculty containing smaller schools and subject areas:


  • The Faculty of Innovation and Technology
    • The School of Architecture, Building and Design
    • The School of Computer Science
    • The Design School at Taylor’s
    • The School of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
    • The Taylor’s Business School
    • The Taylor’s Law School
  • The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
    • The School of Medicine
    • The School of Pharmacy
    • The School of Biosciences
  • The Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management
    • The School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events
    • The School of Food Studies and Gastronomy
    • The School of Media and Communication
    • The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • The School of Education
    • The Taylor’s Culinary Institute


Taylor's School of Medicine is becoming a centre of research excellence and comprehensive education for medical care recognised globally. It’s achieving this aim with a combination of traditional and contemporary teaching techniques. It offers students practical training and work experience, which is a vital part of giving medical students the education they need to become expert healthcare practitioners, prepared for the reality of work.


Taylor's Business School offers a dual-award degree programme in partnership with the University of the West of England Bristol (UWE Bristol) in the UK and Queensland University of Technology in Australia. These degrees are a chance for students to get certifications from each establishment, and to experience student life in multiple different countries.


Taylor’s Law School offers the option for its students to complete three years of their programme with Taylor’s and graduate with an accredited degree, or they can complete their Bachelor of Laws with Taylor’s partner university, UWE Bristol (mentioned above).


Taylor’s believes that research helps to shape the world in a positive way. It offers a range of thoughtfully designed research themes across many topics, hoping to help make a global impact and build a better future in regard to technology, the economy and the environment. Its three best-known research themes are:


  • Innovative solutions for sustainable cities
  • Data analytics, modelling and visualisation
  • Environmental and individual perspective studies




Taylor’s campuses provide lots of features and facilities to meet student needs and help support their wellbeing during their studies. These facilities create an environment where all students can succeed and match up to the university’s flexible, variety-filled curriculum. There are two libraries available to students: Taylor’s Library on the Lakeside Campus and the Clinical School Library in Sungai Buloh. Both have huge collections of books and digital resources and are important student activity centres.


There are 24-hour study areas always open to students at Taylor’s, as well as discussion rooms for group study and co-working. There’s also BizPod, a four-stage entrepreneurship programme that helps students grow their ideas into physical projects with interdisciplinary mentorship and guidance. Plus, for entertainment and academic value, there’s an on-campus theatre for screenings connected to studies.


The university’s comfortable, large lecture theatres are perfect when Taylor’s hosts seminars featuring expert guest speakers. These events also give students valuable chances to network and organise potential work placements.


Other student life centres on campus include cafés, restaurants and student lounges for socialising and relaxing between classes. For students who want to stay active when they aren’t achieving academically, there’s a great student recreation centre. It’s called the Sports and Recreation Centre, and it has lots of great athletic facilities and hosts lots of extracurricular athletic clubs for students to get involved in as they keep up a healthy lifestyle and make new friends.




The university campuses are bursting with amenities, and there’s a lot to see and do outside the university. Students are encouraged to head out and make the most of studying in the beautiful and friendly city of Subang Jaya.


The university accommodation at Taylor’s is designed to provide facilities that protect student wellbeing and help new students settle into their surroundings well. A shuttle bus service takes students to Kuala Lumpur from the city campus easily, and the Lakeside campus is just as full of fun things to do. Every student accommodation option at Taylor’s has:


  • Dynamic living and learning spaces
  • 24/7 security
  • All-day support from live-in student staff
  • Organised activities and events to keep students entertained


U Residence is the main on-campus dorm, made up of a few six-storey buildings. These buildings contain 890 tastefully furnished bedrooms in total, spread across 128 apartments and student houses, as well as 116 standalone en-suite rooms. Ruemz (pronounced: rooms) is another on-campus option. It’s a trendy block filled with independent, unshared living spaces. Additional perks at Ruemz include a TV, a mini fridge and a private ensuite bathroom.


Student Support


The university's student support services team is always ready to help in lots of different areas. Students can schedule an appointment with support staff for academic and employment counselling, turning to student guides for academic support that lets them get the best of their Taylor’s experience. The library team is also available to offer student support connected to any questions about library services or library resources.


Student services focused on wellness and mental health include individual counselling sessions where students can open up about academic, personal or social concerns and be helped to develop coping strategies in a one-to-one confidential environment. There are also group counselling options for students who would prefer to speak about their issues in a connected, safe space. This counselling student support programme is managed by the Centre for Counselling Services.


There’s also a full Career Services Centre at Taylor’s that can help every person enrolled with employability skills, career options, employer connections and plans for the future. Overall, there are no student services that Taylor’s won’t provide to its students. This is a university that actively cares about student wellbeing, and the wide range of help on offer reflects this care.


Graduate Outcomes


Career experience is a focus during the learning process at Taylor’s. Students are given real-life scenarios and are able to develop industry-relevant experiences that improve student engagement levels and boost graduate employability levels. Theory and practice combine well at Taylor’s so that students can have the best post-university job prospects and the widest number of possible career options.


Career services at the university aim to help students even more, giving them the tools they need to plan for the future and create a strategy for job hunting. There are lots of different student employment services available, including:


  • Career guides
  • Field trips
  • Job fairs
  • Employer information workshops
  • Career compatibility tests and career counselling
  • Work placement opportunities
  • Internship opportunities
  • Community project opportunities
  • An after-class programme with the Edge Education Foundation and Ernst & Young that helps students get valuable work experience while helping others through tutoring and peer mentorship


There are some course-specific career services that are also really great, like the Taylor’s Business School’s EXEC Track programmes. These programmes fast-track students who show that they can be leaders in business, giving them lots of practical and work experience opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access.


Taylor's prepares its graduates to become important people in their fields of study, and it also reminds them of the importance of community responsibility from day one. For the best education from Malaysia that’s innovative, interactive and connected to industry, it has to be Taylor’s.


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image Anonymous, Malaysia 5

Meets my expectations.

I've been in Taylor's for about a year now. What I love most is meeting like-minded and friendly people and feeling like I actually fit in with my course. I also enjoy the subjects I'm taking, as well as being involved in the SHINE award program. It's nice that Taylor's seems to have an event of some so read full review

I've been in Taylor's for about a year now. What I love most is meeting like-minded and friendly people and feeling like I actually fit in with my course. I also enjoy the subjects I'm taking, as well as being involved in the SHINE award program. It's nice that Taylor's seems to have an event of some sorts almost every week. It keeps things interesting. IMO, Taylor's has a great learning environment; I'm actually in the mood to study when I use the 24/7 silent rooms in the library. What I dislike about Taylor's is the expensive fees and smoking/vaping culture. Campus: It's very open-spaced, and it feels very freeing. However, when it rains very heavily, it's almost impossible not to get wet when you're walking in the hallways. I like the food provided at Block D and E (currypuffs, popcorn chicken, etc). Syopz Mall has 7-11, a stationery shop and plenty of restaurants (Complaint: food is pricey but delicious). I've eaten at Taylor's fine dining restaurants (Tangerine, Truffles, Thyme, Tarragon) several times, and I love the food there. Lecturers: From my experience, most of my lecturers were great.They taught in an effective way and prepared notes, tutorials and workshops (for constructive criticism) for us to better understand the material. However, I've had one lecturer who constantly made snide remarks about my class, didn't teach the material properly because she expected us to know the subject already, had an impromptu quiz which carries 10% that was completely unrelated to the subject and etc. I've also had one or two lecturers who knew the subject well but did not teach it well, sometimes told us stories unrelated to the topic and made the subject very uninteresting. Facilities: A few complaints here. As a member of a dance club, it disappoints me that Taylor's doesn't have dance studios. UniGym fees are expensive, and I don't think it's worth it. I like the PC labs, but I hate the Mac ones because the mouse sucks. I do like the X-Space classrooms though. SLC is a nice place to have discussions and relax..if you can find a place to sit. The library is huge; I go there often to do assignments, print out notes and assignments, watch movies in the theatrette and have group discussions with my coursemates. Extra-curricular activities: I strongly encourage getting involved in the Shine Award Programme. It takes a ton of effort (organizing events, attending conferences, workshops) but I feel like it really helped me to grow as a person and come out of my shell. If not that, maybe try joining a club to get out of your comfort zone. Tips: - If you're eligible, apply for a scholarship. I didn't and I regret it. - Get your assignments done asap. - Attend class and take notes. - Use the services they provide (Counseling Services and Career Services) show less

image Anonymous, Malaysia 5

During LCS

When I was a student, it's located at LCS campus. resources are very limited while lecturer and staff are perfect with professional level. Now, Taylor's had became an well-known university with best facilities in town. The new lakeside campus is awesome. 

When I was a student, it's located at LCS campus. resources are very limited while lecturer and staff are perfect with professional level. Now, Taylor's had became an well-known university with best facilities in town. The new lakeside campus is awesome.

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