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Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Malaysia Malaysia


THE World Ranking: 1201



If studying on the pretty Malaysian coastline sounds good to students, the University of Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) will be a great fit. The campus is just outside Kuala Terengganu, which has incredible landmarks like Masjid Kristal. It is close to Lake Kenyir, the largest lake made by people in Southeast Asia. UMT specialises in oceanography and ocean science.


UMT was set up as a practical centre for fisheries and marine science students in 1979. By 2007, it had expanded into a full university. Now, there are seven faculties that teach lots of courses on topics ranging from maritime studies to ocean engineering.


As UMT is a specialist university, graduates here leave with the skills and knowledge for a career in the field they like most. They can carry on researching marine sciences or start a career in an area that needs more experts. Many of the teaching staff here are international experts in their subjects, with degrees and doctorates from international universities.


UMT offers studies in maritime, economics, management, basic sciences, physical sciences, engineering and computing. The university's slogan is ‘Ocean of Discoveries, for Global Sustainability’. Its vision is to become the country’s leading marine-focused university. 


To enrol in a UMT course, students need to meet minimum entry requirements. These are different for each course, so it’s best to check before they apply for undergraduate, postgraduate-coursework and research-degree programmes.


Scholarships and bursaries are available for international students. They should check with the university to see what sort of financial help is available when they apply.  


UMT has almost 9,700 students. 86 per cent are undergraduate students and 14 per cent are postgraduate students. While just 7 per cent of undergraduates come from different countries, UMT’s graduate programmes attract people from across the world. 93 per cent of international students here are studying for a postgraduate degree or PhD.


The UMT campus is home to thousands of students. It has lots of modern facilities, all located on the grounds. The International Students Club is an officially approved body of International Students who work with UMT to make sure all students are happy and well.


Students who graduate from UMT will be specialists in their field, and ready to help with important things like ocean conservation and climate change.


Teaching quality


UMT’s goal is to become one of the best global universities in the areas of marine sciences and aquatic resources. As part of its latest strategy, the university is working towards giving its students more information and skills to succeed. It is also looking at its programmes and making sure they have all the latest information in to set graduates up for the future.


The five main pillars of the university’s strategy are outstanding talent, excellence in teaching and learning, exceptional research, knowledge transfer and making its reputation better with each year. Its world-class work with water makes UMT a brilliant place to study for all kinds of students.


UMT has great locations for study and research. It sits right by the South China Sea, making trips out into the ocean for learning, research and study easy. There are also lots of research stations in the nearby lakes, wetlands, islands and tropical forests. While UMT is still a pretty new university, its international reputation grows every year.


UMT has more than 300 academic staff dedicated to research and teaching, and many are recognised internationally as leaders in their fields. Lots have studied internationally and welcome students from all over the world.


UMT offers its students a safe, beautiful learning environment. Here, students can learn more about Malaysian culture, make new friends and get ready for a career taking care of the world’s water.


Entry requirements


To study at UMT, students need to have completed at least 11 years of study and have A levels, or equivalent qualifications. They must have passed their exams first time. Each undergraduate and postgraduate course has slightly different requirements, so students should check their specific course before applying.


English Score Required


All international students need to show they understand English to one of the following levels:


  • MUET Band 3
  • IELTS 5.0
  • TOEFL IBT 42
  • Pearson Test English 47
  • Cambridge English Qualification and Test 154
  • Common European Framework of References (CEFR) B1




Students will need to fill out an undergraduate admission form and send it to the university. They can find more information in the international student application guide. There are separate instructions for postgraduate students and lots of information about what each person needs to apply.  


Applicants hoping for admission at UMT should check their course entry requirements before they apply. There is an application fee of USD 250 for every course. Fees for undergraduate courses are between MYR 3620 and 4280 per semester, making each year around MYR 8,000 for international students.


If students want to study a postgraduate course, there are different fees for master’s degrees and PhD programmes. For a master’s, the yearly fees are MYR 9940. For a PhD, the yearly fees are around MYR 11,490.


Scholarships & funding- Lucy go from here


UMT offers some scholarships to international students who come to study here. They can change from year to year. In the 21/22 school year, the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme was available for international students who were taking a postgraduate course at UMT. Those who received the scholarship did not have to pay course fees and were given money to use during their studies. It’s best to check UMT’s website for applying so students can see what kind of scholarships are on offer.


University structure


UMT is one of Malaysia’s leading universities. It has nine schools, which offer courses in engineering, marine sciences and applied science and management. There are 18 departments in total. These are:


  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Mathematical Science
  • Physical Sciences
  • Economics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management and Marketing
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Languages and Communication
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Food Science
  • Agrotechnology
  • Maritime Management
  • Marine Science
  • Maritime Technology
  • Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation


Courses are offered at diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. There are also six research centres. Here, students can study and research topics like biotechnology, aquaculture, oceanography, management and the latest knowledge transfer techniques.


UMT welcomes students from around the world and offers an international learning experience like no other. While it is still a relatively new university, it has a deep understanding of the specialist subjects taught here.




The UMT campus is home to lots of students, and it has lots of modern and helpful facilities within walking distance. Students can even take a virtual tour of the campus before they arrive.


There is a large library with thousands of books and resources for studies. It also has desks and computer facilities where students can study and work. Outside, the huge sports centre has two swimming pools, a track and field athletics space. Inside, there is a gym and sports complex.


The Centre for Culture, lecture halls, conference hall, mini studios, computer labs, video conference room and auditorium are all available for students to use and take classes in. In their free time, students can visit the on-campus cafeteria and use wireless hotspots to get the best internet connection. There is also a bank, other cafés, and on-campus accommodation.


There is also a health centre on campus, which is available for all students to use. Muslim students can also visit the Islamic centre to pray and find peace.




There is some accommodation on campus at UMT. The student residential college has shared rooms, with desks, wardrobes and basic facilities for all.  Accommodation is available to those who apply first, so it’s best for students to apply as early as they can. It is just a short walk away from learning facilities and amenities. Each residential hall is secured with access control using students’ ID cards, so nobody else can enter the buildings.


If they are not able to stay on campus, UMT is close to a number of hotels and hostels. There is also private housing available to rent in the Terengganu area, so most students won’t have a problem finding a place to live.


Student support


The International Students Club is an official group of international students who work with the university. Their role is to make sure all international students at UMT are well and happy throughout their studies. If they are worried about life away from their family or struggle to adjust to the new culture, the ISC is there to help any student.


HEPA, the student support centre, offers students lots of help and guidance as they settle into life in Malaysia. It helps students understand the campus’s dress codes and make sure they understand how to dress for Malaysian life. The team can also help with scholarship questions, security and health questions.


If they have work questions, students can go to the Entrepreneurship and Career Centre (CEC). The team here help students with their business ideas, internships and work experience. They also help students work out where they would like their career to go and start doing work to make their dreams a reality.


There is also a sailing centre, which offers extra courses to students who want to learn how to sail. This could be for sports or to help their career. Students can learn how to navigate, sail and find out more advanced information about sailing.


Graduate outcomes


There is an online platform for alumni called Center Alumni which collects the latest career information. Some of UMT’s past students have worked with leading universities, including Harvard, Cornell and Stanford in America. So far, there are 32,996 alumni of UMT and this number grows every year.


The alumni centre also carries out surveys to keep alumni connected to the university. Alumni can use the network to speak to their classmates and find new job opportunities all across the world. Some alumni also donate to UMT to help the university grow and others come back to speak to students and act as mentors.


Helping graduates find work is one of the Malaysian government’s initiatives to increase employment rates among its graduates. UMT gives its graduates the best chance of finding a great job by changing its curriculum regularly. This means graduates are not only experts in their field, but that they understand the latest technology and research methods. 


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Subjects you can study at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

  • Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
  • Applied and Pure Sciences Applied and Pure Sciences
  • Architecture and Construction Architecture and Construction
  • Business and Management Business and Management
  • Computer Science and IT Computer Science and IT
  • Education and Training Education and Training
  • Engineering Engineering
  • Health and Medicine Health and Medicine
  • Humanities Humanities
  • Social Studies and Media Social Studies and Media
  • Travel and Hospitality Travel and Hospitality

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