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  • 29 JAN 2021

    Ireland establishes group for student wellbeing

    The Union of Students in Ireland is set to chair a new group, established by the Irish government, to examine student wellbeing and the overall university study experience, with a view to enhancing higher education in the country.

  • 08 OCT 2020

    In-person teaching for Irish ELT schools

    English language schools in Ireland have been mandated by the government to provide in-person teaching services to international students who are already in the country. This is to be done in line with the relevant health and safety procedures.

  • 09 SEP 2020

    Irish government moves to limit student recruitment 

    Citing safety concerns, the Irish government has requested that English language schools downscale their recruitment of new international students until 2021. The government hopes that this will provide time for more effective management and measures to be put in place.

  • 25 JUL 2020

    Ireland signals intent to welcome students

    The government of Ireland, via a message from the Higher Education Minister, have underlined the country’s commitment to welcoming international students. The country is intending to release a list of safe countries from which students will not be subjected to travel bans or quarantine requirements.

  • 29 MAY 2020

    Ireland eases visa restrictions for international students

    International English language course students studying in Ireland who have had to remain in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic have been granted leave to remain until the end of the year if they re-enrol for an online course in the country.