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  • 19 APR 2021

    New Zealand outlines plans for international education

    Education New Zealand has outlined plans that inform a long-term strategy for the country’s international education sector. The decade-long plan, which includes an NZD 51.6 million investment, acknowledges the challenges international students have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic and their importance to the culture of the country. 300 international students are expected to arrive in the country later this month, the first since the border closures almost a year ago.

  • 24 MAR 2021

    Student visa processing delays in New Zealand

    The government of New Zealand has announced that it has halted the processing of student visas. This policy is likely to continue until such time as the border closure currently in place is reviewed. The government had previously made exceptions for some students, allowing them to return.

  • 15 FEB 2021

    Student visa expirations in New Zealand

    A significant number of international students studying in New Zealand face the prospect of having their student visas expire shortly. The higher education sector has forecast that the number of international students will drop significantly as a result, with just over 40% of students expected to renew, equating to about 35,000 students compared to the usual number of 100,000.

  • 05 FEB 2021

    New Zealand institutions prepare for return 

    Universities in New Zealand are set to welcome back students from February, however the expectation is that the number of international students, estimated at about 10,000, will be half that of previous academic years. The country expects border controls to be in place for much of 2021.

  • 21 JAN 2021

    New Zealand to admit some international students

    The government of New Zealand has announced plans to allow 1,000 international students to return to the country from April of 2021. This forms part of the government’s strategy to revitalise the international higher education sector.

  • 12 DEC 2020

    New Zealand launches pathway initiative 

    A new pathway initiative for international students is set to be launched in New Zealand. Education New Zealand has joined forces with institutions in the country and the University Consortium to create the Global New Zealand Pathways Initiative. The programme will allow students in 30 countries to start foundation studies at home and then progress to degree study in New Zealand or the UK.