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Study Art Administration abroad

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Art Administration

Arts administrators work for arts and cultural organisations such as theatres and galleries, taking responsibility for marketing, resource allocation, securing funding and ensuring the day-to-day running of buildings and events.

There are a number of arts organisations and arts administration courses offered across the UK, USA and Australia. The arts industry, as a whole, plays a crucial role both culturally and economically, and those with a qualification in arts administrations will find themselves with interesting and diverse careers.

Is this the course for me?

Are you passionate about the arts? Do you have a talent for administration and planning? If so, then perhaps an arts administration course would be perfect for you.

However, an arts administration course covers a wide range of academic disciplines, from business and law to the use of IT and marketing techniques; so it is important that potential applicants for the course are interested in and willing to engage with such varied course content.

Some courses, particularly at undergraduate level, will expect students to undertake work experience placements as part of their programme, as well as submitting written assessments in order to demonstrate their understanding of the course. Successful candidates will be hard-working and organised in order to fully benefit from the teaching.

Careers prospects

The starting salary for the majority of trainee arts administrators in the UK starts at an average of £15,000-£18,000 per year, although this may differ depending upon the country. Many graduates who take an arts administration course do so with the intention of working within the arts industry, which has the potential to be lucrative for those with strong work ethic. Although the starting salary is lower than the average UK graduate salary, those who progress to work in senior management roles or consultancy roles can earn a significant amount of money.

However, those with arts administration qualifications may find that they also have a wide range of career prospects available outside of the arts industry. Many graduates in the field tend to take on organisational roles within companies that specialise in interacting with the public, such as events-planning companies and PR firms.

Similarly, as part of an arts administration course, students learn skills that are transferable to a number of roles. Strong analytical and research skills will be developed throughout the programme making graduates of this discipline well-suited to positions as media researchers and production assistants; meanwhile the skills in business they learn pave the way for careers in marketing and charity fund-raising.

Studying Art Administration

There are many arts administration courses available for students wishing to study this particular discipline both at postgraduate and undergraduate level. The majority of undergraduate courses will take place over a course of 3 years, and those wishing to study on the programme will be expected to have achieved a minimum of 3 A-levels (or equivalent) in arts or business related subjects.

However, there are also postgraduate courses available to those who have already completed an honours degree and have a strong qualification (preferably a 2:1 or equivalent). A postgraduate course will probably last a minimum of a year, although it may take longer depending upon the qualification achieved.

For those who are non-native speakers of English, there will be an extra entry requirement to fulfil before starting the course. Potential applicants will be expected to sit the IELTS test scoring a minimum of 6.0-6.5.

Where to study?

It is important that fees and academic grades come into consideration when deciding where to study.  Many of the prestigious establishments expect applicants to have a minimum of 3 A-levels, or a 2:1 degree for postgraduate courses; so if you do not meet these criteria, then you should carefully consider whether this is really the course for you. However, some criteria can be flexible. While most postgraduate courses expect applicants to have a 2:1 degree, universities are often willing to be flexible with entry requirements if the candidate can demonstrate relevant work experience and dedication to the subject matter. If this sounds like you, then could you take a gap year and gain some further experience?

If you are struggling with fees, or are still applying for funding, there are a number of bursaries and scholarships available for students

Location is another key consideration to take into account when you’re choosing where it is that you would like to study your arts administration degree.  Your extracurricular activities will have an impact upon your future employability as there are so many graduates entering the jobs market for so few jobs. Ideally you should apply to study at a university located in the heart of a town or city with is renowned for its art scene such as London, Leeds or Edinburgh. This will not only allow you to make contact and gain work experience, but will also have the added benefit of allowing you to meet friends with similar interests to you.

Similarly, you should also investigate the links your potential university has within the arts industry, particularly with companies that employ arts administrators. Most universities will build long-term relationships with local companies, providing students with networking opportunities. It is vital that students gain practical hands-on experience during their studies as this will have a significant impact upon their future careers.

What Art Administration courses are there?


Arts / Culture Administration


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Arts / Culture / Heritage Administration

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