• U.S. university announces new project

    Due to the restrictions and constraints imposed by the coronavirus pandemic the University of Arizona has launched a project to develop 73 new campuses internationally, known as the “Global Campus”. The project will span 34 countries over five continents to reach students who may not be able to travel internationally. 

  • U.S. politicians push for support of OPT programme 

    21 Congressmen in the U.S. have written to the president of the country urging the administration to continue to support the Optional Practical Training programme that allows STEM graduate students to remain in the country for a further 12 months on a student visa. 

  • Coursera launch free access

    The online learning and course provider Coursera have announced that currently registered and recently graduated students will be able to access certificate courses and programmes on the platform for free from June 2nd 2020. The offer extends until July 31st, with the completion of courses required by the 30th of September. 

  • New Zealand government protects student fees

    In light of the coronavirus pandemic much attention has been given to the New Zealand government’s policy compelling institutions to protect student fees that have been paid in advance. The policy allows for students to receive refunds on prepaid fees and in the event that a course cannot be delivered. 

  • ‘Social bubble’ proposed by UK universities

    Universities UK have developed a set of principles to guide institutions on possible plans and practices for emerging from lockdown and accommodating students for the 2020 academic year. This includes allowing students to attend universities in small, controlled course groups and making provisions to ensure on-campus health and safety. 

  • Australian universities advocate safe return for international students

    The Group of Eight (Go8), made up of the leading universities in Australia, have advocated for the development and implementation of a ‘secure corridor’ framework for the return of international students to institutions in the country. This would include health checks and self-quarantine, as well as the identification of student origin countries who have successfully managed the health risk posed by the pandemic.