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International Student News

All the latest news and advice for prospective & current international students, keeping you informed on your education journey.

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  • 05 FEB 2023

    Student studio apartment rents increased by 8 per cent in Australia and Canada in 2022

    Monthly costs for student studio accommodation in Australia and Canada rose 8 per cent to an average of GBP 1,005 and 926 respectively in 2022, according to housing analysts BONARD. Students in the UK faced rises of 4.4 per cent (taking their average rent to GBP 1,023), while those in the rest of Europe saw 3.1 per cent (GBP 596). As demand for accommodation increases, it is expected that prices will continue to do the same.

  • 04 FEB 2023

    The Netherlands plans to limit the number of international students in the country

    Minister of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf has confirmed he intends to limit the size of the Netherlands' international student population. It is believed he will try to achieve this by introducing a maximum number of students allowed for courses delivered in English. Details of his plans will be announced in March.

  • 03 FEB 2023

    Home owners in Australia are being urged to rent rooms to international students

    A shortage of rental properties in Australia's Gold Coast has prompted a scheme to encourage locals to rent rooms to international students. Host for the Coast offers a way for residents to make additional money while helping those in need of somewhere to stay. Demand for student housing in the city is increasing, as its international student population grew from 13,000 to 23,000 in 2022.

  • 02 FEB 2023

    The University of Hong Kong has been named the most international university in the world

    Times Higher Education has placed the University of Hong Kong first in its 2023 list of the world's most international universities. The rankings are based on universities' proportion of international students and staff, as well as their global reputation and collaboration. Three other Hong Kong universities feature in the top 10, alongside three from the UK, two from Switzerland and one from Singapore.

  • 01 FEB 2023

    China will stop recognising online degrees from foreign universities

    Students in China who are taking online courses from international universities have been alarmed by a government announcement that it will no longer recognise their degrees. Flights to Australia became overbooked as students were instructed to be there in person for the start of term in February. In response, the government has reassured anyone whose move is delayed that they will be permitted to continue studying online temporarily.

  • 29 JAN 2023

    UK government considers allowing international students to work more hours

    International students in the UK would be allowed to work for 30 hours a week under plans being discussed by the government. At present, student visas only permit a maximum of 20 hours paid work per week. The possibility of removing the time limit completely is also being considered.


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