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Three institutions you should check out in Australia

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Australia is splendid place to study. The country is diverse- in terms of culture and their environment. You’ve got great food, a very welcoming culture and prestigious educational institutions. Here are three that you should consider. Click the green button if you need more information from the university.


Computer Power Institute











Established since 1968, Computer Power’s diplomas are widely recognised. The institute has over 35,000 alumni and more than 90 percent of their graduates are working in the IT industry. Popular courses include diplomas in Networking, Software Development, Information Technology and Website Development. They also provide students with the option to proceed straight to the second year of an IT degree at an Australian University. Students take the diploma online form their home country and then apply to an Australian university. Shane, a graduate from Computer Power said that he chose the institute because they had Vendor Certifications and experienced instructors. With his diploma, he has now transition from working in a supermarket to providing ICT support Across Australia and New Zealand. Hear more from Computer Power’s graduates here.  



Didasko Institute of Business












Didasko has more than 17 years of experience providing vocational and higher education, their online training offers students the flexibility of when they study, with real-time support from their on-site team of experienced and friendly trainers. Famous for their double diplomas in Business, Business Administration, Leadership and Management and Marketing, Didasko’s double diplomas are equivalent to the first year of an Australian university degree. Take their diploma online in the comfort of your home and once complete, you can apply to an Australian university and be admitted directly into the second year.



Mercury Colleges












Located in the heart of Sydney, Mercury Colleges has been offering educational courses since 1960. The institute is well-known for their excellent teaching, students will be equipped with the necessary skills required in the job market. They provide various English courses, IELTS prep courses and certifications in business. Sibellie, a Mercury Colleges graduate from Brazil, said that she had a great time studying at Mercury and had ‘good teachers who were always supportive’. Read more about what other graduates have to say here.



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