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Australia: Choosing how to study

The top diploma courses in Australia

A diploma is an excellent way to extend your knowledge and expertise in an area. They can be a good alternative to a full master’s degree progamme. Australia has top universities offering a good range of diplomas in a wide range of subject areas.

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If you already have a degree but want to extend your knowledge and expertise in a particular subject area, a diploma is an excellent option for you. If you want to register for a diploma course in a top-ranking university in a country that has so much to offer, then Australia is the study destination for you. 


Let’s look at diplomas in a little more detail first. A diploma is a vocational, academic, or professional qualification shorter than a degree course, typically one year. Diplomas can also be taken at different levels. They are appropriate for those who have already completed an undergraduate degree, with advanced diplomas for those who wish to extend their subject knowledge.


Diplomas allow you to obtain a postgraduate qualification with less of a financial burden as they tend to be cheaper than postgraduate degrees. They are also shorter than a master’s degree programme, giving students greater flexibility. You can read more information on how diplomas are different from certificates or full degrees. 


Diplomas are also good for graduates who want to improve their career prospects. The qualification helps further develop the skills employers look for in graduates and at the same time expands knowledge in a specific area of expertise. 


Why Australia?

Well, why not Australia? It has an amazing landscape, great beaches, and top 100 ranking universities. It’s also very multicultural, diverse, and a safe environment. Safety is an important consideration for many students. In addition,  IT, healthcare and medicine, lawfinancial services, and engineering are the top graduate career areas in Australia. 


Top diploma courses

There are over one hundred and eighty diploma courses on offer in Australia. These cover a wide range of subjects in many fields of work, all of which make finding a graduate career all the easier. There are too many to list, but the table below gives examples of the diploma courses on offer at three of the top-ranking universities in Australia. 


Diploma courses in top-ranking Australian universities


Times Higher Education World Ranking



Fees – per year

(please check with each institution)

The Australian National University

5 courses available


Graduate Diploma of Applied Cybernetics

1-year full time

AUD 47,940.00

(USD 35,448)

Graduate Diploma of Applied Data Analytics

1-year full time

AUD 47,940.00

(USD 35,448)

Graduate Diploma of Economics

1-year full time

AUD 45,360.00

(USD 33,541)

The University of Sydney

75 Diploma courses available


Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Practice

1-year full time

AUD 43,500.00

(USD 32,165)

Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry

1-year full time

AUD 73,000.00

(USD 53,979)

Graduate Diploma in International Law

0.5-year full time

Year 1 Tuition fee: AUD 26,250

The University of Queensland

35 Diploma courses available


Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology

1-year full time

AUD 41,936.00

(USD 31,009)

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

1-year full time

AUD 46,112.00

(USD 34,097)

Graduate Diploma in Public Health

1-year full time

AUD 34,768.00

(USD 25,709)



Some of these universities also rank in the top employability rankings. For example, The Australian National University has also ranked as Australia’s top university for getting a job according to the Global Employability University Ranking, published by Times Higher Education. The University of Sydney ranks in the top four in the latest QS Graduate Employability Rankings.



If you feel that perhaps a diploma in Australia is the right path for you, take a look at the 188 on-campus courses on offer in Australia. For more information about study visas in Australia, you can visit the Australian government website. 


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