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Finding a graduate career in Canada

How do you find a job in Canada once you graduate if you’re an international student? Can you even stay in the country to begin with? Find out now...

Finding a graduate career in Canada

What’s the graduate job market like in Canada?

International graduates will find that the job market in Canada is relatively healthy. Some of Canada’s strongest graduate sectors are very traditional such as transport, banking and tourism. However there are those which Canada is particularly strong in which might not be the case elsewhere. These include the petroleum sector, software engineering, animation, the service industries and information technology.


Can I work in Canada once I graduate?

Yes you can, though you must apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) in order to do so. There are a few simple terms which you must satisfy though this shouldn’t be a problem. There is a maximum of 3 years in which you can remain in the country under this PGWP. How long you can remain in the country exactly depends on how long you have studied there which can work out very advantageous for you if you’ve been studying there for several years. This will give you enough time to gain experience and skills which can help your case should you wish to continue to work in the country.



Where to find a graduate job in Canada

Job Bank is the Government of Canada’s main source for jobs. Some of the other popular websites for those looking for jobs include Monster, Job Postings, Workopolis and Jobs Canada and Talent Egg. On these sites, you can search for jobs, post your CV or resume and speak to advisors. You can also try more traditional methods such as local newspapers and magazines. Your university might also be able to advise you on links they have with local or national businesses they work with to find positions for graduates.


If you need some further experience to bolster or improve your CV, you can complete a work placement or internship while you’re still studying. Try AIESEC to find internship opportunities in Canada. You can also do some research to find the leading companies in Canada which operate in the sector you want to proceed onto to find out what work experience opportunities they offer. You can also try volunteering by visiting Volunteer Canada, the national body for volunteering in Canada.



How does Canada help immigrants find a job?

As you may have read elsewhere, Canada really values its immigrants and what they bring to the country. If you go to the official CIC website, you can browse all the services available for immigrants in your area. These can include CV or resume-writing workshops to help you learn how to write a CV in a manner which Canadian employers prefer (this may be very different to what is expected in your own country). Plus if you’re not sure where to start, they can also suggest you places to start.



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