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3 Scholarships to start you off in Canada

If you’re looking for a scholarship to study in Canada, where should you begin looking? Here are 3 scholarships to inspire you...

Scholarships for international students in Canada

NSERC postgraduate scholarships

If you’re pursuing studies in the natural sciences or engineering, you should see whether the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) can help.  The NSERC is a Canadian government agency that promotes research in the natural sciences and engineering through funding and encouraging Canadian companies to participate in research and training.


The NSERC offer various postgraduate scholarships. One of the positives of these is that you can take them up at any Canadian university, which means you have great flexibility and many choices available to you. The Scholarship’s value is $21,000 a year (either for 2 or 3 years). You can apply directly through a Canadian university or through the NSERC themselves.


Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation

If you’re a graduate of Oxford University, you can apply for a Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship to study at a Canadian university. So, if you’ve already studied at undergraduate level at Oxford, you can pursue your masters in Canada at one of their top universities. The name comes from the term ‘Rhodes Scholars’, which is given to international students who study at Oxford through a scholarship.


Each scholarship offers an allowance (around CAD 16,000 annually) plus tuition fees and travel allowances. While there isn’t a specific application form, you need to submit your resume, a personal statement, a letter of recommendation and two references. Whether your application is successful will depend on your academic merits, extracurricular interests and character. Applicants must be under 26 years of age and graduated from Oxford University within the last 2 years.


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

If you’re planning to study a doctorate degree, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship can assist you. The scholarship is named after famed Canadian soldier, diplomat and governor general of the country, Major-General the Right Honourable Georges Philias Vanier. The scholarship is aimed particularly at graduates in the social scienceshumanities, natural sciences, engineering and health fields, with the hope to attract the top doctorate talent to Canada. Strong leadership abilities, as well as scholarly achievement, are sought out in candidates. Each year, 166 scholarships are awarded worth up to CAD 50,000 each per year (for 3 years).


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