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The basics
Finland: Student Accommodation - Must read

Accommodation in Finland

We have a look at your accommodation options in Finland to make your study abroad journey that little bit easier.

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Lapland, the Northern Lights, clean air – there are many reasons to be excited about studying in Finland. Accepting a place at a university can be a huge step forward and an exciting time. However, it’s important to start thinking about accommodation as soon as possible.


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Degree students in Finland

Finding accommodation in Finland can sometimes be a bit tricky, particularly in Helsinki, where rental levels are high and costs can be pricey. However, understanding the process to securing accommodating and what types of accommodation are available can make life that bit easier.


Typically, Finnish universities don’t have on-site campus dorms, so degree students are responsible for organising their own accommodation.


Students are advised to get in touch with the international office at their university for more information on acquiring student housing.


In most instances established student housing foundations will be able to help students find accommodation. Some student unions may be able to help organise this too. You can find a full list of student housing organisers on the SOA website here: http://www.soa.fi/en


As this aspect of studying abroad in Finland has become more challenging, particularly in autumn, exchange students are advised to opt for the Spring term when the process becomes a bit easier. You can expect long queues during autumn so applying for student housing in advance of your arrival is encouraged.


Types of student accommodation


There are a number of accommodation options you can choose from when looking for housing in Finland. These include:


Shared apartments – This is ideal for single students and is usually shared between two to four students. Every occupant has their room and together they share a bathroom and kitchen. In some instances, there will be a shared living room included too.


Studio apartmentThis is another good option for single students, however they will be more expensive than shared apartments. Studio apartments may not be as easily obtainable either.


Family apartmentsThese apartments are designed for couples and/or families with children. They are strategically located near playgrounds and schools for children, making it more convenient for parents. These apartments tend to come with two or three rooms along with a kitchen.


Rent and private accommodation in Finland

When it comes to rent, this will vary depending on the location, size of the flat and type of flat. According to SOA 2010 statistics, rents can fall between €160 to €340 – single apartments and family flats will be more expensive.


There is of course the option to find your own accommodation without the help of a student housing foundation. Searching for properties through the open market is another option, however this will be notably more expensive. If you prefer this option the Infopankki website is a good place to visit for tips and advice. There are also international housing sites that can help you with the search like https://housinganywhere.com/


The student housing process is one that can be undertaken as soon as when you have received a study place.


Though the process might be a bit different to your home country, we hope this little guide gives you an idea of how to go about organising accommodation. If you haven’t started your search, why not see what courses are available in Finland?