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Finland: Subject Guides - Must read

3 Fields to study in Finland

Learn more about three relevant fields to study in Finland.

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Internationally recognised as a country with a successful healthcare and education system as well as the fifth happiest nation in the world, there are plenty of reasons to study in Finland. Interest in the Nordic region has grown thanks to the European Union, which has played a role in increasing labour mobility with 31,510 people moving to Finland in 2014.


Studying abroad involves making a lot of important decisions like choosing where to study, the programme you want to commit to and the best university that delivers it. If the forward-thinking and socially conscious shores of Finland is where you see your study abroad journey, then it’s wise to consider some of the key fields that are popular areas for study. This is especially important when it comes to thinking about job opportunities if you wish to stay on after your studies and start your career.


Social services, Health and Sport

With a pending labour shortage on the horizon, there are opportunities available in the health and social care sector. The country has accepted the fact that the younger generation alone will not be able to fill this labour shortage, which is why the country are taking steps to see that this gap is secured.


Finnish hospitals have been active in encouraging Finnish expatriates in Sweden to return home, whilst some employers attend recruitment fairs around Europe in order to attract new talent.


As the demand grows for healthcare employees, this will inevitably lead to a bigger international workforce. Candidates coming from European countries shouldn’t worry about qualifications as training systems are all coordinated and any supplementary training will be provided.


The biggest hurdle if anything, is the language barrier. However, it is said that with some effort to learn, it is not impossible for international workers to adapt and communicate with patients.


Social sciences, Business and Administration

With over 6,500 Finnish businesses established by people having migrated from abroad, Finland is a relatively easy place to do business. Entrepreneurship is quite prominent in Finland – especially for people who do not want to work under the supervision of others. There is also plenty of assistance available to support people – the trick is knowing where to look for it.


The Invest in Finland website is a good place to start with understanding areas for potential opportunities.


English is well known throughout Finland with 90% of Finns under thirty speaking the language. According to Invest Finland, the country is the biggest contributor to global innovation in the world. So, studying social sciences or a business and administration course will give you a great entry into this particular sector.


Technology, Communication and Transport


Finland has been behind technologies that has revolutionised the world. This includes the Nokia 1100 which was a very simplistic phone that allowed you to call and text, to the globally known and highly addictive game, Angry Birds. Studying an IT related subject in Finland and lead to game-changing innovations. Just look at Linus Torvalds, a computer science student from Helsinki, who invented his own operating system for his new PC. This is when Linux was created. What started as a personal project, grew vastly and can now be found in the most sophisticated of devices; Wi-Fi routers, industrial computers and even sniper rifles run Linux.


The beauty about these fields is the way they interlink with one another. The strides being made in the tech sector is also reaching important areas like the transportation industry. A new programme run by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Tekes that is looking to establish the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).


Connecting people to all modes of transportation from the comfort of their smartphone is one step to solidifying Finland as a smart city. With these kinds of projects underway, it is likely that Finland will continue to welcome students who are passionate and interested in thinking ahead especially where technology is concerned.


If you’re interested in studying some of these popular subjects, or have an overall interest in studying in Finland, why not search for your ideal course now?

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