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Germany: Student Life

5 cosy cafes in Berlin perfect for studying or chilling

Don't fancy studying in the library again? Check out these 5 great places in Berlin to grab a coffee and hit the books!

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You're studying abroad in Berlin and having the time of your life. You've been going out partying a lot lately and suddenly realise that you have an assignment due...this week! Panic sets in. The neighbours across the hall keep listening to loud music, which is far from ideal and the thought of studying in the library isn't appealing either. You need a change of scenery and decide to head to a cafe, but where do you go?


Luckily, we've found five ideal cafes in Berlin to get your head down and finish that assignment, sip a delicious coffee while letting your creative juices flow, or merely take some time out. 

1. Bonanza


Bonanza is a warm and inviting place, in an old-world factory type of way. It is the perfect location for coffee lovers, as they take their blends very seriously. The location in Mitte, near Mauerpark, is idyllic. After finishing your coffee, you can head over to the park for a walk, or if it’s a Sunday, you can even explore the local flea market.


As you probably already know, wohnzimmer is the German word for 'living room'. The furniture was all gathered from flea markets, making it the perfect settting to take a seat and get inspired! 


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2. Wohnzimmer


We've spent many an afternoon in Wohnzimmer! Here you'll find a combination of a cafe and bar, with a smoking lounge in the back. Sinking into one of the vintage sofas or couches, you will feel as comfortable as if you were in your own living room and you won't want to leave!


The cafe also a daily range of cakes and soups, making it an ideal place to study or to have a few drinks with your friends. After just one visit, you might find yourself becoming a regular at Wohnzimmer.


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3. Sankt Oberholz


St. Oberholz is a great place to work on your laptop. It has free Wi-Fi, an extensive tea and coffee menu and you can also grab cold drinks and beer. Feeling hungry? No problem! There is also an array of yummy snacks and food to keep your stomach happy. 


You can sit both indoors and outdoors (perfect for sunny summer days) and each desk has plugs to charge your laptop or mobile phone...what more could you want? The only problem you might find with St. Oberholz is that it is almost always busy, but that's only because there's no place like it in Berlin.


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4. The Barn 


The Barn provides a unique cafe experience. They roast their own beans and offer an approach similar to that of ´slow food´, but adapted to coffee. The Barn also boasts a range of mouth-watering cakes that you won't be able to resist!


It is a perfect place for coffee enthusiasts, prices being a bit over the average, because the food and drinks are organic and high quality. Their coffee will leave you twice as satisfied as the taste is unique and the blend is strong. What are you waiting for?!


5. Betahaus


Betahaus is both a cafe and a creative space. In addition to tea and coffee, they also serve breakfast from 8 am and vegan and vegetarian dishes for lunch, up until 5 pm. It is a great setting to get your work done and feel inspired. Could you start writing your first novel in Betahaus?!


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