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Hong Kong: Student Finances - Must read

Tuition fees in Hong Kong

Our tuition fee guide for international students in Hong Kong.

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While Hong Kong’s economy is booming, tuition fee costs, particularly for international students, remains infamously high (along with living costs). This has done little to deter prospective guests: with over 14,000 international students, Hong Kong remains an incredibly sought-out study abroad destination; flanked by world-class universities and a dynamic business scene, the region is an ever-charismatic international city.

The fees below are a guide; we always recommend checking with the institution or department for the exact fee for the course you’re interested in.

Note: HKD 1= £0.077 = € 0.094



Tuition fees for international students are unfortunately much higher than those of local students. Whilst fees are subject to change based on institution and subject area, international students can expect to pay between HKD 70,000-HKD 120,000 (US$ 9,000-US$ 10,300) per year in undergraduate tuition. Some universities, such as the University of Hong Kong charge additional fees such as a HKD 100 (US$ 12.90) entrance fee, a HKD 140 (US$ 18) annual subscription fee and a HKD 350 (US$ 45.10) ‘caution money’ deposit that is used to pay the student’s graduation fee upon completion of their studies. 2014/2015 tuition fees for non-local students are HKD 135,000 (US$ 17,407) per year.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong charged HKD 120,000 (US$ 15,473) for tuition for students starting in the 2014 academic year, as well as HKD 450 (US$ 58) in caution money.  

There are a number of scholarships available to international students at undergraduate level, some valued up to HKD 165,000 (US$ 21,275) per year. For example, the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund offered US$ 43 million in scholarships to local and foreign students in 2012-2013 across a number of participating universities. Prospective students are advised to check the Hong Kong government and their university websites for more details and eligibility requirements. 

Learn more about the HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund



Postgraduate tuition fees are generally slightly lower than postgraduate, but vary more significantly between universities and subject areas. At the University of Hong Kong, fees for international students in 2014 were HKD 42,100 (US$ 5,428) per year for a postgraduate programme, not including a HKD 400 (US$ 52) application fee.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University charges non-local students around HKD 60,000 (US$ 7,737) per year for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, whereas the Chinese University of Hong Kong charged roughly the following by subject area in 2014:

  • Arts, per year...HKD75,000-HKD 90,000 (US$ 9,671-US$ 11,605)
  • Business Administration (MBA), per entire course... HKD 70,800-HKD 512,336 (US$ 9,129-US$ 66,062)
  • Engineering, per year...HKD 69,000- HKD 108,000 (US$ 8,897-US$ 13,926)
  •  Law, per unit...HKD 4,410 (US$ 567)
  • Medicine, per year... HKD 42,500-HKD 151,200 (US$ 5480-US$ 19,496)


As with undergraduate study, there are a number of scholarship and research grant options available to international students, both through host universities and external funding bodies. Students are advised to pursue individual university websites for more details.


If you find a course on our site that you’re interested in studying, you should be able to get a rough idea of how much it will cost. You can also get in touch with the institution directly to answer any questions you might have through our site, so you get the correct person who can answer your query.


Once more, we always recommend you confirm the fees for a specific course with the institution or department themselves. This information is available on our site or you can contact the institution themselves through us.



Now that you know how much it costs to study in Hong Kong, search for a course in Hong Kong today!



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