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Hong Kong: Subject Guides

3 Fields to study in Hong Kong

Our overview of three key fields to study in Hong Kong

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Beneath opposite cultural influences of East and West, Hong Kong has an unusual history which makes studying in the city an experience like no other. Whilst several fields benefit from this intriguing combination of cultures, languages and perspectives, there are a few stand-out study fields that Hong Kong is particularly renowned for. Thinking of studying abroad in Hong Kong? Take a look at our guide to three key fields you should consider studying.


Business, Finance and MBA

One of the four ‘Asian Tigers’, Hong Kong plays a key role in maintaining the Chinese economy’s position as the second largest in the world. Hong Kong businesses are the largest investors in Shanghai and its provinces, with the city decisively serving as the centre of business, trading and services for the entire Chinese Mainland.

With a strong, well-regulated financial sector and thriving foreign exchange market, Business, Finance and MBA students in Hong Kong enjoy access to major markets, international companies and a thorough network of service firms.  In coming years the city will notably see demands for skilled professions in areas such as Management, Finance and Accounting, specifically in banking, fund management, insurance and debt-market based positions. By 2022, the Chinese economy has been predicted to swell to 83% of the size of the US economy.

The MBA programme at the The University of Hong Kong is ranked 36th in the world, whilst the Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA (EMBA) programme at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and was named the best EMBA programme worldwide for five years in a row. HKUST’s full-time MBA programme ranks 8th globally.

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Trading and Logistics

Hong Kong’s trading and logistics industry has been named one of the four key driving forces of the city’s overall economy, as well as a key provider of employment. Uniquely positioned in relation to Mainland China, Hong Kong is a key hub of international trade with strong support networks for transport and communication. One of the world’s busiest ports and most important logistics hubs, in 2008 the city was named the 13th largest merchandise trading entity worldwide. In 2012, approximately 2.7% of total employment in Hong Kong was within the logistics industry. The increasing globalisation of production and service markets means that companies will need to rely on logistics and trade networks more and more to manage their products.

Most study programmes specifically in Trade, Transportation and Logistics in Hong Kong are at Masters and Doctorate levels, but students may undertake general Bachelors studies and major in Logistics and Trade subjects. For example, students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University may study a Master of Science in International Shipping and Transport Logistics, whilst the City University of Hong Kong offers a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in e-Logistics and Technology Management.

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Social Sciences

With a history split between British and Chinese rule, Hong Kong has a unique cultural identity and offers students the chance to engage with social perspectives wrought from both East and Western modes of critical thought. Students may undertake courses in areas of Politics, Media and Communications and Public Policy, with HKU (34th) and HKUST (62nd) both ranking within the world’s top 100 for Social Sciences.

Governed beneath the ‘one country, two systems’ principle, Hong Kong enjoys high degrees of autonomy in managing itself whilst officially remaining beneath Chinese rule. As a result, the city has a unique political system and works to maintain its own economy and social systems with regard to both Eastern and West modes of thought. Students are offered the chance to develop a broad, global understanding of politics and culture, as well as enjoy the opportunity to visit China and discover the nation’s turbulent political history first-hand.

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