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The basics
Ireland: Destination Guides

What you need to know about studying in Ireland as a Canadian

We give you a breakdown of all of the practical info you’ll need when thinking about studying in Ireland

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Photo: Trinity College Dublin, The Trinity Research Staff Association

With 32,000 international students currently studying in Ireland, it is an extremely popular destination for those wanting to complete their education abroad. Because of this, and its involvement with the EU, Ireland offers a diverse, European experience with a rich history and beautiful landscape. Before you can dive into this, though, you must consider the practical implications of studying in Ireland. We have broken these down for you, to help you to decide on where you want to study.

Will I need a visa?

Although Ireland is part of the EU and Canada is not, Canadian students do not need a visa to study in Ireland. This, then, makes the whole process a lot less difficult and, although applying for a visa may seem like a small inconvenience, on top of applying to university, the pressure really can build up.

What’s the application process?

Non-EU students must apply directly to each institution in Ireland, and admission dates and entry requirements vary from university-to-university. In order to find out exactly what you need to have and do when applying to Irish university, do check with your chosen institution. As always, strong applications stand out. Like in the UK, the Irish favour decisive and straight-forward writing which outlines, without frills, your enthusiasm and knowledge of your chosen subject.

What currency do they use?      

Ireland’s currency is the Euro. While most credit and debit cards are accepted, American Express is nowhere nearly as widely accepted in Ireland as it is in Canada, so be aware of this. Currently, 0.69 Euros is the equivalent of 1 Canadian Dollar.

What are the top institutions and what courses do they offer?

Ireland is home to a range of prestigious universities with beautiful grounds, and is therefore a popular location for international students.


Established in 1592, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland’s oldest institute, modelled on Oxford and Cambridge. Ranked 71st in the world, this university is a very popular choice. Here, applicants can choose from a range of studies such as Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Engineering, Business and Management, Computer Sciences, Health and Medicine and Applied and Pure Science.


Also in Dublin is the University College Dublin, ranking 139th in the world. It also has a very rich history having opened in 1854, listing famous Irish writer James Joyce amongst its alumni. Here, the departments are; Arts and Humanities; Business and Management; Engineering and Technology; Health and Medicine; Natural Sciences; and Social Sciences.


As the world’s first university to receive the international Green Flag for environmental sustainability and ranking at 230th in the world, University College Cork is another respectable option.


Much younger than all of these, though, is Dublin City University which was only established in 1975. Offering courses in Business, Engineering, Computing, Humanities and Social Sciences, Science, Education and Music, this institution has a vast range of opportunities for international students.


Now you know what is available in Ireland, and how easy it is without having to apply for a visa, why don’t you check out some specific courses and see if any take your fancy?


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