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The basics
Ireland: Student Finances

Student living costs in Ireland

The cost of living in Ireland really depends on where you go and the choices you make.

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In Dublin you can expect to spend EUR 863 on average per month without rent, according to recent figures. If you plan your finances correctly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your time studying abroad in Ireland to the full. We’ve listed some specific living costs below to help you get started.



The estimated cost of renting is EUR 541 per month for a single room, depending on the location and type of accommodation. For students living outside of Dublin, costs are generally lower. For one academic year this could set you back EUR 4,869 in housing costs. Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, you will have to set aside additional costs for utility bills and other charges.


As Ireland is quite a cold and wet country during the winter months you should allow about EUR 164 a month for heating and related bills. Lighting for the average flat may also be higher than you might be used to: the sun in wintertime rises at about 8.30am and sets at 4.30pm!


Living Costs

As with any city, living in Ireland comes with its own set of unavoidable costs. Depending on your needs and budget, this might give you an idea of what you’re likely to spend per month.


Source: Numbeo & Expatistan 2019



Transport costs very much depend on your location, but you can always opt for public transport or cycle to university as cities generally have lanes just for bicycles. Again, costs in Dublin tend to be more expensive, but you can always get a student discount if you have a Student TravelCard.


Source: Numbeo & Expatistan 2019



Including some meals bought on campus or in cheaper restaurants, you will probably spend on average EUR 70-100 a week on food. However, buying things in bulk is always a cheaper option. Here are costs of some basic items you will need from the supermarket:

Source: Numbeo & Expatistan 2019


Student health

As an international student in Ireland, you will be required by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services to obtain private health insurance that covers the length of your study time in Ireland.


However, if you will be resident in Ireland for a minimum of one year, you are eligible for public hospital treatment under the same conditions as an Irish citizen.


Students will not be covered if travelling to Northern Ireland or other EU countries. For more information, contact their local HSE (Health Service Executive) or visit their website. Non-EU students staying less than one year are not covered under this scheme.


Miscellaneous Costs

As a fulltime student you are entitled to discounts in shops and restaurants, redeemable by flashing your university or international student card. Here’s an idea of some costs that might relate to your social life:  

Source: Numbeo & Expatistan 2019


International Student Identity Card (ISIC)


Bear in mind that the cost of living in any city will depend on your personal choices and your ability to budget! 


Now that you know how much things cost, browse courses in Ireland now and start planning your study abroad adventure!


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