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Why study in Malaysia?

Discover Malaysia as a study destination, including why the weather and peaceful way of life are drawing both students and professors to its shores...

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Malaysia’s reputation in the international education community continues to grow, as is the case with Asian in general. However, that is not to say that it sits alone, isolated from the rest of the international student community as a lone island unto itself. In fact Malaysia enjoys links and working relationships with some of the top universities around the world, while their institutions’ standards are monitored by the country’s Ministry of Higher Education. Meanwhile you might be surprised to learn that Malaysia boasts an incredibly diverse population.


Below are a couple of reasons why students strongly consider studying in Malaysia:


Strong links with institutions abroad

Like Asia in general, Malaysia is seeing more and more professors coming to teach from countries which have traditionally been viewed as education heavyweights in the world, like America and the UK. This is because the country is investing in its education system, drawing the best teaching talent in the world to Malaysia’s shores each year. Meanwhile Malaysian institutions have forged strong links with many top institutions from these elite study destinations, hosting branch campuses and offering twinning degree programmes; this is where a student can study a degree offered by an overseas institution in Malaysia for 2 of the 3 years of their undergraduate degree, and then study their final year overseas – this is a nice stepping stone for those domestic students who wish to study abroad but aren’t quite ready making the full jump.



English widely spoken

Being able to speak the language can be something which makes prospective international students nervous about moving abroad. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that English is widely spoken and is in fact a compulsory school subject for natives. It is the main language in many higher education institutions and even takes precedence in some official contexts. While over 130 different languages are spoken in Malaysia, Chinese Mandarin is one of the most popular and offers international students an excellent opportunity to learn as China’s influence in the world increases.


Check out Monash University Malaysia's video about studying in Malaysia:


A technological hub

Malaysia is pinning a lot of its future growth in technology. Recently, a representative of their Multimedia Development Corporation said that a big focus would be ‘high-end engineering research and development’, pointing to DHL’s recent setting up of R&D facilities in the country. In fact, the country owes much to technology development for the vast overhaul in its economy in the past 50 years since they gained independence. Students seeking careers in Computer Science or IT would be well off seriously considering the country as a study destination.


An affordable option

While the quality of study in Malaysia is high, students may be surprised to learn that tuition fees and the cost of living is relatively low compared to study destinations with a more established history as a study destination. For instance, both tuition fees and living costs in Malaysia are almost a third than what you would expect in the UK or Australia. With money being an important factor to consider when it comes to the decision to study overseas, this may be hugely attractive to students; and with this money you’ve saved, you can head to Kuala Lumpur which has become a shopping capital of the world for electronics, fashion and jewellery.


Peaceful with no surprises

Malaysia has been voted one of the top twenty most peaceful countries in the world, and students will see that on arriving. The people are hospitable, sweet and welcoming to outsiders. This will reassure students who are nervous about moving far from home, or for parents seeing their child move far away to a country they don’t know too much about. Meanwhile, students who aren’t sure what to pack in terms of clothing, will be happy to hear that the weather is void of any extremes.


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