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MUET Speaking Test Guide & Tips

A sample question with tips on how to answer along with general advice to achieve a score of 5+ on the 2021 MUET speaking test.

muet speaking test tips

The MUET speaking test is one of the four areas which will be tested apart from reading, writing and listening. This test evaluates the student’s fluency as well as their level of command in the English language.

Breakdown of the MUET Speaking Test

Exam paper code: 800/2
Exam duration: 30 minutes
Total weightage: 25%

Unlike the other exams, the MUET speaking test is the only one which will require you to interact with three other students. It is aimed at testing your ability to:

  • Effectively convey your message and opinion across to others
  • Think critically
  • Keep a conversation going
  • Use the English language in a fluent and confident manner

Test Structure of the MUET Speaking test

The speaking test has two parts: Individual presentation & a Group discussion. During the test, all four students will be given the same scenario but each of you is given different questions. There are two parts to the speaking test – Task A and Task B.

Below is a sample question obtained from the website I Like English, to help you practice your speaking skills.

MUET Speaking Sample Question

A person's character is often influenced by other people around him/her. Who has the greatest influence on a person's character? Discuss which of the following has the greatest influence on a person's character:

Candidate A: Parents
Candidate B: Teachers
Candidate C: Friends
Candidate D: Famous Personalities

Task A – Individual presentation

Given the situation, you now have:

  • 2 minutes to prepare your responses
  • 2 minutes to present

Tips on task A

  • Study the scenario or topic given carefully
  • Double check which candidate you are (A, B, C, D) to make sure you don’t prepare another candidate’s speech
  • Make sure you don’t run out of topics
  • Prepare 2 to 3 points to present on
  • You MUST agree with the point that is given to you (you can disagree or favour another point in Task B)
  • Make full use of the 2 minutes that you have. Don’t go less than 1 minute 45 seconds / more than 2 minutes
  • If you don’t have as many points to speak about, talk slower
  • Don’t relax after your turn! Keep an attentive ear to what the other candidates are talking about
  • Write down the other students’ answers as they present their 2-minute speech (to prepare yourself for Task B)

Sample answer: Candidate A

Hi, a very good morning to the examiners and my fellow friends. As we are talking about how a person’s character can be influenced by another person, the persons whom I think have the most influence in a person’s life are – parents. There are three reasons why I think so.

Firstly, parents are the people whom know us since birth. We become like the person whom we spend the most time with. Parents are the people whom we see every day from the moment we are born, till the day we are adults. Hence, very naturally, they become the people whom we look up to and start imitating the way they talk, act, and even think.

My second reason is because parents are the first educators to their child before anybody else. Table manners and basic etiquettes are taught at home, by the parents. This gives an influence so vast that we ourselves fail to recognize it sometimes.

Thirdly, parents are the ones who impart values into our lives. Values are assets which we hold on to for the rest of our lives – and this is the greatest influence of all. Values are what we make our decisions upon, and it is what shapes our character.

In conclusion, I think that though there may be many others who can influence a person’s character – ultimately, parents are the greatest influencers of all. With that, I conclude my speech. Thank you very much.

Task B – Group discussion

You are given:

  • 2 minutes to prepare your points to either support or oppose the other candidates’ views
  • Decide on which of the 4 points you think is the best (Note: it is perfectly fine to agree with another candidate’s points just as long as you explain “why” and “how it is the best point”)
    Example: “I think that parents play a big part in influencing their child’s character, but after listening to Candidate D I would have to agree that famous personalities have more influence in a person’s character. The reason is because (add on one point to Candidate D’s answers).
  • The entire group is given 10 minutes for this discussion

Tips on task B

  • NEVER keep silent
  • It is a plus point when you initiate the discussion. (Example: “To kick start the discussion, after listening to all of the other candidates’ answers I still stand by my own point that parents can influence a person’s character the most.”)
  • Ask other candidates questions to keep the discussion alive (Example: “How about you, Candidate B? What do you think?” “What do you mean by that, Candidate C? Could you elaborate more on that point?”)
  • If you want to interrupt when someone is speaking, do it politely. (Example: “I’m sorry, may I interrupt?”)

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General MUET Speaking Tips

  • Speak loudly and clearly so that the examiners can hear you.
  • Don’t be so nervous that you can’t speak properly. Take a deep breath, and speak slowly and clearly.
  • Make eye contact with the examiners and the other candidates – especially during Task B as it is a group discussion.
  • Use good language. Good choice of words and sentence structure are plus points.
  • Don’t be rude. Always say “excuse me” when you wish to interrupt, and “thank you” after giving your speech in Task A.

To understand how the 2021 format MUET test is graded and other general MUET information check out our Guide to the MUET.

Check out other useful tips for MUET using the interactive image below:

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