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MUET 2020 Listening Test Guide & Tips

MUET listening test

The MUET listening test is probably one of the more tricky ones to score because your true listening skills are developed through your everyday life more than anything else. Materials are only tools to assist you to better prepare for the exam. But with the following tips and information about the exam format, you should be able to grasp what is it you have to prepare in order to score a good Band for the MUET listening test.


Exam paper code: 800/1
Exam duration: 30 minutes
Total weightage: 15%


Paper format:


  • Three parts
  • 20 questions in total
  • Types of question: Information transfer, short-answer questions, MCQ


*The MUET listening test will assess candidates on their ability to:


  1. Comprehend various types of oral text of varying length
  2. Master different levels of complexity in terms of content and language
  3. Recognize main ideas
  4. Recognize supporting details
  5. Paraphrase
  6. Distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant (filter out irrelevant information)
  7. Interpret the speaker’s views, attitudes and intentions
  8. Distinguish fact from opinion
  9. Summarize information
  10. Draw conclusions




· Practice selective listening – not every word said is important and relevant


· Jot down notes as the speaker talks


· If you can’t hear the recording clearly, raise up your hand to inform the person in charged to increase the volume of the recording. It is NOT wrong to do so.


· Read up on various topics to familiarize yourself with the terms and spelling of various words


· Possible genres are:


  • Lecture
  • Briefing
  • Discussion
  • Interview
  • Telephone conversation
  • Announcement
  • Advertisement
  • News
  • Meeting
  • Documentary
  • Instructions


· Possible topics:


  • Plastic surgery
  • Environment (global warming, climate change, deforestation, logging…etc.)
  • Education (school syllabus, education system, educators, student life…etc.)
  • “How to” articles (how to vote, how to file a report, how to clean a fish pond…etc.)
  • Tourist attractions (commercial format, advertisement flyers…etc.)
  • Radio shows
  • Animals (extinct animals, endangered animals, poaching…etc.)


· Use good grammar


· Some sections have word limits -  avoid using too many ‘and’ ‘or’ ‘that’ as it takes up your word count yet has very minimal contribution to the content of your answers


Part of these tips as well as the following compilation of exam questions (Part I, Part II and Part III) have been taken from ESL And More blog to help to you start practicing your listening skills.


Try out the following set of sample questions:


Part I

Play the audio




Questions for Part 1


Part II

Play the audio



Questions for Part 2


Part III

Play the audio



Questions for Part 3


Need a guide for each of the specific tests? Click on the interactive image below for Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing tips.



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